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Best Dog Stroller for Hiking in the UK

 Hitting the trail with your furry friend to explore the wilderness is soul food. It is such fun and a bonding experience. Hiking does require some preparation and you need to ensure your dog is up to the task. You might have concerns about the terrain, your dogs temperament or health. They may not be able to go the distance as easily as they used to. Dog strollers give your dog the pleasure of the luxury version. It inevitably saves their joints and paws from the slog. It also saves you the stress as you always have somewhere to contain your dog if necessary and all that extra storage for goodies. Particularly handy when you have two dogs and one is stronger than other but still unable to cover the whole distance.

Dog Strollers Built for Hiking

We have compared a few top notch dog strollers built for rough terrain with excellent traction. They are all 3 wheeled strollers with suspension. Some have AIR tyres others solid EFA tyres. Air tyres are better in terms of traction but you may need to pump them up from time to time and an air pump would be good to carry with you. 

Size Matters

Make sure the carriage of the stroller is big enough for your pooch. If their are 2 best buddies they need to be within the weight limit of the stroller. The weight of the stroller should also be considered as you will have to push it up inclines. You can save carrying a backpack, stash it the storage basket and push it instead.
You also should avoid wider models as they difficult to negotiate narrow trails. The more robust compact models are better suited to hiking. When you come across a difficult or very narrow stile for instance you can compress the stroller to get it through and continue. 

Hiking with dogs on the South West Coast Path

One of our customers Lesley walks the South West Coast Path with her 2 dogs. 15 year old Ben & Daisy who is 7 years old. Here is what she had to say about hiking with the Buggy Comfort Air.

Dog Strollers Hiking


" Well we are just back from a couple of days walking.

We have been hiking the South West Coast path for the last 3 years. We walk around 10 miles a day as my older boy Ben can no longer walk so fast. Some of our favourite parts are the approach to Lulworth Cove from the east in Dorset, spectacular! Yesterday we walked Maenporth to Falmouth in Cornwall, also stunning!

                On warm days, Ben will walk around 3 miles and then hops in the dog stroller for a while. My younger dog Daisy joins him when she gets tired, she is a bit smaller and they are both comfortable together.

I am extremely pleased with the Air Buggy Comfort Stroller. It is genuinely an all terrain stroller, it was easy and light to control with one hand and dealt with all the terrains without a hitch - grass, gravel, sand, hard baked lumpy mud and some very overgrown areas. For example from Ferrybridge (Weymouth) to East Barn there are some wooden steps, a very overgrown 20 minutes of path going through scrub, a bit of beach, also several stiles. The stroller was manageable getting through stiles, as the rotating front wheel means you can turn it on a sixpence. We managed it all. Almost everyone passing stopped to comment, admire and ask questions. Most had never seen one. Highly recommended!"

Lesley Fitt

Hiking South West Coast Path

Hiking with Lynne Allbutt & Yogi

Soon after Yogi unfortunately got injured, Lynne got the Sporty all terrain dog stroller to continue her outdoor adventures with Yogi. Here is what she had to say about hiking with the Sporty dog stroller.

Lynne Allbutt & Yogi Hiking in Wales

"My energetic terrier-ist snapped her cruciate ligament a month ago and, despite it healing well, she was getting quite depressed by the lack of time she was able to spend with me outdoors. We were used to running, walking and working together and it was a quite a lifestyle change for us both.  Searching for a solution, I came across the Sporty Pet Stroller and as you can see by the photos, she absolutely loves being back outdoors again.

I have been impressed by the quality of service from Pets Own Us, as well as the fabulous quality of the product and it’s maneuverability.  It took Yogi a day or two – and some treats – to get used to it and we have already been running over all sorts of mountainous terrain and are planning to go to the beach soon. It is a delight to use ‘off road’ as well as on the country lanes, and easy to push whilst running.  It also has a big handy pocket on the back which is useful for all those necessary bits and pieces … and dog treats!  The Sporty Pet Stroller has given us back our ‘together time’, which is priceless."

Lynne Allbutt

Here is video of Lynne & Yogi putting the Sporty Dog Stroller to the test in some of their favourite places - mountains and beach. 


Lets Compare the Best Dog Strollers for Hiking

Buggy Comfort Air Dog Buggy for Hiking

 The Air Buggy Comfort with steel 12" wheels is the ideal choice for coastal paths. It has excellent traction. The front wheel swivels or locks The front bar folds down letting you pooch spread out to enjoy the view 

Buggy Comfort Air Dimensions

 Max loading weight: 25kg,
Carrier size: L66cm x W33cm x H50cm
Gross weight: 12.5kg
Measurements when folded: L87cm x W58cm x H38cm
Handle height: 104 cm
EFA Buggy Comfort Dog Buggy for Hiking


 The EFA Buggy Comfort features 12" solid EFA tyres. It is robust and  light, super easy to maneuver. It can carry a maximum dog loading weight of 25 Kg. A great option for medium to large breeds or 2 small best buddies. It also has the basket below to store all your goodies you would normally keep in your day backpack. The puncture proof wheels offer peace of mind and is ideal for rocky terrain.

EFA Buggy Comfort Dimensions

Max loading weight: 25kg, 
Carrier size:  L66cm x W33cm x H50cm
Gross weight: 11kg
Measurements when folded: L87cm x W58cm x H102cm
Handle height: 104 cm

Adventure Dog Stroller 

The Adventure one of Innopet's newest model. It has a spacious cabin, wheel suspension, 12“ EFA wheels for rugged terrain and a smooth, comfortable ride. Easy to manoeuvre and robust with a fixed handle height. Rain cover available for an additional £24.95.
The Adventure cabin is slightly higher than the other models. The front bar does not fold down but your pooch can look through the front mesh screen.  

Adventure Dog Buggy for Hiking

Adventure Dimensions

Max loading weight: 30kg, 
Carrier size:  L66cm x W33cm x H56cm
Gross weight: 11kg
Measurements when folded: L98cm x W54cm x H103cm
Handle height: 103 cm
Sporty Dog Buggy for Hiking

The Sporty dog stroller is narrow and nimble but packed with all terrain capabilities. It features a back entrance that is low to the ground and safe for your elderly pooch to gently hop into. The large 16" AIR tyres easily propels the stroller forward on rough terrain, come snow or sunshine. You can even hit the road with your bicycle and hitch the Sporty to the back as a dog trailer plus it includes a rain cover.

Sporty Dog Trailer Dimensions

 Gross weight: 11 kg,
Suitable for pets up to 30 kg
Carrier size: L70cm x W45cm x H63cm

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