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The days of strollers with only human babies in them are long gone. Dog strollers have become increasingly popular. The double takes some dog owners get when strolling along particularly with their large hound is comical. I say "who gives a fudge what other people think?" Certainly not the dogs with big grins on their faces enjoying the attention and the ride. 
Yes, dogs should exercise, walk, run and play and there seems to be a misconception that a dog buggy stroller replaces that activity which is simply not the case. Responsible dog owners and lovers nurture their pet's health and well being. There are situations when a dog stroller is convenient and practical. 

1) Traveling distances or for long periods of time is easier with a dog stroller 

Taking a road trip, negotiating urban walking traffic or spending a whole day running errands with your dog can be stressful for everyone. Ease your dogs anxiety by keeping them safe while inside their stroller. They get to enjoy more activities and spend quality time with their human. It builds trust and is an opportunity to train your dog in different environments. Places that are not particularly dog friendly are more likely to allow you to enter if your dog is in a stroller. You may get access to places you previously could not have gone to like theme parks or malls.

2) You have 2 dogs, one can't keep up or is injured or older

Dogs do well with routine and love walking. If for whatever reason one of your dogs can no longer participate in their usual activity with you, it can be heartbreaking to leave them behind. A dog stroller solves that problem, no one gets left behind. Business as usual.

3) Outdoor Events & Dog Shows

Attending large events with your dog can be lots of fun and a little overwhelming. A stroller lets your dog enjoy the festivities and keeps them safe from the crowds and general mayhem. Most strollers have lots of storage space for your goodies, toys, treats and picnic blankets. Plus if you are a regular dog show goer, an off road all terrain buggy is useful to easily gain access and negotiate your way around off road tracks at the venue. 

4) Dogs activity change as they get older so does ours

As dogs age they may not be able to walk as far or as long as they used to. Weight gain, arthritis, medical conditions or post surgery recovery would cause them to be less active. Joint and spinal issues are common in large breeds. Once they are used to their stroller though, they love it! It give them a new lease on life. Dog strollers let you both get some fresh air and exercise. The same applies to humans of course, a dog stroller is easier to handle than a dog leash and supports the senior walker.

5) Rain or Shine, your covered

Dog strollers come with some great features. You no longer needs to worry about your dogs paws getting too hot on burning cement or long coats soaked to the bone in the rain. They have storage space for poop bags, collapsible water bowls, treats or for your shopping bags. They are comfortable with built in mattress and mesh zip up windows for your pooches viewing pleasure. Be prepared for the attention a dog stroller will attract and let your dog enjoy the lime light! When looking into investing in a dog strollers you will likely need to do some research to ensure you get the right one for your needs. 

Comparison of the best dog stroller for large dogs or 2 small best buddies.

To ensure your dog will fit comfortably in the dog stroller, measure the length of their spine from the base of the neck to the base of the tail and compare that to the length of the cabin dimensions. Depending on your dogs condition, it may be important that they are able to lie down, lie on their side and turn around. 

Crea wagon Dog Stroller for X Large Breeds

 The Crea Wagon is one of the few incredible designs for dogs up to 100kg! Including a ramp for access into this smart chariot. It includes a wind cover, rain cover and stroller organiser. It features a super spring suspension system and is extremely stable with 4 wheels. There is no need to leave your big furry friend at home anymore. 

Hercules Dog Stroller

 The Hercules Heavy Duty is an extremely spacious option. Brand new on the market, designed with pet parents in mind with all the bells & whistles. The low to the ground back entrance is convenient offering easy access for your pooch to hop in. The Hercules is an all terrain dog stroller, suited to off road trails or a great option for joggers. It can also be used as a bike trailer, the bike connector rod is sold separately. 

Novel Jogger Stroller

The luxury Novel jogger-stroller for the larger dog breeds. Enjoy the great outdoors. No need to leave your pooch behind, ideal in cases of leg injury or dogs with hip dysplasia. The spacious cabin will ensure your dog can lie down and rest comfortably. The cabin can also be used as a crate if required. Extremely sturdy and easy to manoeuvre.  

Retro Dog Buggy

 The Retro buggy stroller  is designed for urban strolling with your big fur baby. It features an adjustable dome, loads of space of for all your goodies. it is simple to assemble and fold up to pack away. A stable 4 wheeler option. 

Sporty Dog Stroller

The Sporty dog stroller will take you and your pooch anywhere. Fantastic for hikers and adventurers. It also doubles up as a bike trailer. It features a low to the ground back entrance for your pooch to easily hop in. It is super sturdy and smooth & simple to maneuver. 

Sporty Evolution 2.0 Stroller

The brand new and improves Sporty Evolution 2.0 has arrived in the UK. The popular model has some lovely upgrades like an adjustable handle up to 110cm, great for tall owners. A solid EFA front wheel, which means no more punctures. An improved axle and brake system for your peace of mind. This will take you anywhere. Adventure await! 

 Please contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help.

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January 21, 2022

Hi Claire,

Thank you for your message. Some dogs are really weary initially. It might be helpful to keep the sporty open in your living area with a cushion and your dogs toy inside to entice them. Treats usually do the trick. Have a little go in the garden or down the street. Once they get used to it they absolutely love their chariot and attention. Good Luck!

Claire Jones
Claire Jones

January 21, 2022

I received my Innopet sporty 2 days ago but am having trouble getting my dog used to it. Do you have any advice? Thank you


February 10, 2020

Hi Janet,

Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately we do not have an image available for the Sporty attachment. We have however contacted the manufacturer to inquire if it would safely connect to the Raleigh Array ladies bike and will revert soonest.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


February 10, 2020

I need to see a picture of how the sporty model attaches to an electric bike. (Raleigh Array ladies bike)


September 14, 2018

Hi Caroline,

Thank you for your comment. Yes, we are expecting stock of all of the Sporty Dog Stroller & Trailer at the end of September 2018.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Caroline Clark
Caroline Clark

September 14, 2018

Hi Are there any plans to get more of the “ sporty dog buggy “ design in stock ?
It looks perfect for my dog’s needs


July 15, 2018

Hi Kathleen,

Thank you for your message.

If you are going to using the dog stroller on off road trails and dirt paths mostly I would recommend the Hercules Heavy Duty stroller. It can manage a dog weight of up to 50kg, allowing plenty of room for your dogs comfort. It is a wide dog stroller, so you may not be able to get through some entrances. Its folded dimensions are L95cm x W78cm x H50cm. The Hercules Heavy Duty weighs 15kg. You will not feel this weight when you are pushing it. It features a one handed folding system, that is very simple, however you would need to pick it up and put it in your car.

The lighter stroller suitable for a big dog (35kg) is the Retro Buggy. The Retro would be fine on dirt paths, gravel and in urban areas. The Retro dog stroller weighs 11kg and it’s folded dimensions are L95cm x W59cm x H96cm. It is narrower than the Hercules Heavy Duty but higher. Both stroller would fit into the boot of a regular sedan. The Retro is available in 3 colours.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Kathleen kelly
Kathleen kelly

July 15, 2018

Need a dog stroller, do weight 35kg and folds up for medium car and light weight
Hope you can help 🐶🐶🐶

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