Admittedly we are biased when it comes to the Sleepypod Atom. We love this modern pet carrier with it's innovative design features that Sleepypod built its reputation on. They are ideal for small dog breeds weighing in at no more than 3.5kg or 8Lb. If you have a Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Papillon, Bichon Frise, Shih tzu or Yorkshire Terrier the Sleepypod Atom will keep your baby safe, happy and comfortable. It is incredibly easy to travel with, the Sleepypod Atom doubles up as a pet bed with (washable) ultra plush bedding included.

Leave it out a  home and let your pooch investigate, snuggle and snooze. By the time it comes to actually leaving the house, there will be no resistance. It provides them a safe space (mobile home away from home). This idea was inspired by Sleepypod's designers adopted Bengal kitty Rawl Rawl. The same principles applies to kittys. Cats are easily trained to love and travel in the Sleepypod Atom.

Sleepypod Atom Features

Crash Tested to Child Safety Standards - Secure with seat belts in the back seat
In Cabin Airline Approved
Includes Ultra plush bedding and doubles up as a pet bed
Discreet & comfortable everyday carrier with a shoulder strap
Available in 5 funky colours.
    @Romathekitten Sleepypod Atom

    Ebba & Roma have been enjoying outings and travel in their Sleepypod Atom - Roma, now 9 months old and has been jet setting in her Atom. Follow her on Instagram @Romathekitten

    This is what they had to say - 
    We have now been using the atom cat carrier for quite a while and we're loving it.  
    Being able to fasten the pet carrier in the car makes me feel a lot safer and also gives Roma a much smoother ride! Except for being a really smart cat car carrier it also gives you loads of other travel opportunities, just the fact that you can fasten the carrier on the suitcase is fantastic!  
    It also has so many pockets that you can fit all your important pet documents without struggling!  
    Not only is it a great safe place for Roma on the go, the atom also make her feel safer when going to places she has never been, it's like bringing your cats own living space except it's easy and foldable. It's brilliant! 
    We really recommend this carrier .

    Best Regards Roma & Ebba

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