Sleepypod now available in the UK

 We are delighted to introduce Sleepypod, recently available in the UK. Pets Owns Us is one of the exclusive online retailers stocking the Sleepypod product ranges. These pet carriers are innovative, the designs are as luxurious as they are practical and versatile. We love their story from humble beginnings to world wide success.  Let's start by mentioning the dynamic duo Melony Lee and Michael Leung who co-founded the original Sleepypod with their adopted Bengal cat Rawl Rawl as their sidekick and inspiration.
 Melony Lee recognised a gap in the market after searching for a suitable carrier for Rawl Rawl. The pair loved travelling and wanted to start taking  Rawl Rawl with them as a kitten. Melony Lee has a graphic and visual design background and with Michael Leung as the lead product designer they created the original Sleepypod prototype. Rawl Rawl was delighted, in fact she thoroughly enjoys a road trip. The course was set to perfect their concept into the high end quality, innovative design and versatility the Sleepypod ranges offer pet owners today. The process took a year and a half by which time a fellow industrial designer Greg Mote had joined the duo and the first Sleepypod was officially a commercial product and Rawl Rawl no longer a kitten. Once they got it right it was a big hit in the industry.
Greg Mote says “The Sleepypod was our first entry into the pet market. At our first trade show (Backer Christmas 2006) we had a booth full of Sleepypod (Jet Black). Many people didn’t know what to think of it as it was so different than all the other beds and carriers. But it didn’t take long to explain the benefits and we soon had hundreds of stores and world wide distribution”.
The Sleepypod pod slogan is “Baby your pet” and their award winning designs certainly stay true to this ethos. Most recently from The Centre for Pet Safety which is an organisation dedicated to consumer and companion animal safety. Lindsey Wolko, Center for Pet Safety founder said “Sleepypod consistently outperforms other pet product manufacturers who struggle to even attempt to meet our rigorous testing and performance requirements. There is a level of commitment here that we simply don’t see from the rest of the industry.”

In 2010 the Sleepypod Air won two prestigious  editors choice awards. The revolutionary pet carrier was deemed a best product of the year by Dog Fancy and Cat Fancy magazines. Sleepypod was also featured in the Metropolitan Home “Design 100” alongside iconic products like the iPhone and the Smartcar.
Each product has ingenious features, designed to be used for specific purposes for pet owners with on the go lifestyles. The Sleepypod range is ideally suited to small dogs and cats. Here are some key points to keep in mind if you are considering investing in a Sleepypod.

What makes the Sleepypod Original Mobile Pet Bed & Carrier unique is it's shape and versatility!

In the Car - Crash-tested Sleepypod transforms into a cozy and safe car seat with velcro positioning points that secure a seat belt in place. Simply wrap the seat belt around the base of the Sleepypod and pull the shoulder belt through the top handle. Your furry friend can now remain safely in his or her own bed throughout the entire journey. Included is PPRS Handilock designed to augment the mobile pet bed. Tips for road trips with your Canine OR Feline

The Dome : The secret is in the adjustable dome top. Removing the top altogether will give your pet the easy access of a standard pet bed with adjustable zips. The bed is designed so that your pet can spread out in the way that is most natural. The round shape will contour around your pet's body providing yet another layer of coziness in the ultra plush bedding.

The sleek design, easy to carry Sleepypod Atom fits comfortably under an aeroplane seat. The Atom is approved by most major airlines. Special provisions designed to snugly secure with seatbelts in the car. The atom like all Sleepypod's has been crash tested. It's the compact on the go choice. 

Optimised design for the jet set pet. The Air provides maximum comfort for your pet and is larger than the Atom. It is airline approved for in cabin travel and of course crash tested to be used with lap and shoulder belt securely whilst driving.

Considering flying in the EU with your pet? Here are some tips.

Shopr for Clickit Sport Harness

The Clickit Sport harness is the result of a dedicated 2 year engineering project. It features a patent pending infinity loop design that eliminates the need for strength-rated, steel hardware. The infinity loop webbing design, in combination with a padded vest, work together to distribute and reduce damaging forces that can cause injury. It can also be used as a walking harness to attach to a leash.

Clickit Terrain Car Safety Harness

The Clickit Terrain recently released in the UK & EU is a high performance car safety harness. It's design features optimum enhanced safety, comfort and control features for everyday use.  Over and above being crash tested what makes the Clickit Terrain worth the price tag is the new shock absorbing sleeves designed to work with a broad padded vest and patented Infinity Loop. The same patent pending shock absorbing sleeves make the Clickit Terrain comfortable for use as an everyday walking harness. It is light and easy to use, it also provides better control for the handler. Reflective patches on the harness shoulders can be interchanged with service patches for working dogs. Working dogs and active dogs will benefit from the Clickit Terrain design.
Clickit Terrain car crash test results & features. 


  • Hi Owen,

    Thank you for reaching out. The size guide is accurate. However when a dog’s breastbone is in between sizes, we recommend ordering the larger size. In your case that would be the medium – 55cm -70cm. For the Clickit to fit well, you need to be able to place two fingers snugly between your dogs back and the harness. Hope this helps.

    Pets Own Us
  • Ignore my previous email.

    Can you tell me the width of the webbing that runs between the front legs and down the breastbone for both the small and the medium Clickit harnesses please. Can you also tell me the maximum girth for the chest strap of the small and the minimum for the medium. I have seen the guides on your web site but I need to know the actual measurements rather than the guide because my dog is slap bang inbetween the max for one and the min for the other! Thank you again.

    Owen Passey

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Let customers speak for us

389 reviews
Fab design just not for us

I lived this it was so funky. However I am finding that smells eminate from it and as I have dogs they thinks it fun to stick their head in and eat poo. So I have had to give it away sadly

Pet Stroller

Great pram for our oldest dog who is blind - only problem the other 2 always want to jump in with her - folds up very easily and small when stored

Robust long term option

Correcting a small mistake in my previous review:

We wanted a dog stroller for my 12 year old 34 kg Doberman cross: her back legs were getting weaker and we did not want her to miss out on her walks! We wanted something that would last for many hundreds of walks and not start falling apart after a couple of weeks. After a few months of almost daily use this stroller has not disappointed, it is very robust and well made, and I seriously doubt any of the alternatives are sufficient for dogs of this size or larger as a long term solution.

As others have said, it is also very maneuverable and it does fold down well to fit into our car boot (BMW 3 series estate) , and fairly quickly too. It also works pretty well over fairly rough terrain (woodland paths, fields that are not too muddy) so it is not just for tarmac.

There are a few minor negatives that I will mention before going on to describe further how this buggy has been such a god send for us. The first negative is one of the spring pins that holds the handlebars in place broke within a week- the spring popped out so it no longer stayed in place. We probably could have asked for a replacement, but thought they would keep breaking and needing to be replaced. So we replaced it with an M6 nut and bolt of the kind used to keep lawnmower handles in place, which works very well and will not break. You can get these things on amazon market place and probably DIY stores too. Hopefully this is a handy solution for others too. The description given here says there are 3 handle heights, whereas the manufacturer says 2. In fact neither is really right- there ARE two positions- one is folded up and one is for pushing the buggy, so there is only really one usable handle height, but this should be fine for everyone. The pocket at the back should have more Velcro on it to stop things falling out when one opens the back of the buggy, and we find the rain cover to be of little practical use. So there are a few minor design flaws but these are not really a big deal.

As for how the buggy has worked for us: we bought it alongside a Walkin' Wheels wheelchair. Our doggy does most of the walk sitting in the buggy, with shorter sections walking in her wheelchair. The wheelchair sections are getting longer and more frequent as she regains strength in her legs. Because we have the buggy with us, she can get in as soon as she gets tired so she does not injure herself and undo all the hard work! To carry the wheelchair during the walks, we mount it upside down on top of the buggy, and use two Velcro straps to attach the back crossbar to the handle of the buggy, which is a perfect way to combine the two bits of equipment. Because our doggy's legs are getting stronger she is also able to walk much more unaided (e.g. in the garden and around the house). I can therefore recommend this rehabilitation approach for others in the same situation!

Even if the rehabilitation had not worked, the buggy itself would have been a great solution. Our doggy loves riding in it! She quickly figured out what the deal was and is quick to climb in the back with a helping hand (using a sling or just a little push under her thighs). She now gets all the joy of her walks without any of that pesky effort! She sits with the front open and her head sticking out of the front, taking in the sights and smells and saying hello to her human and doggy friends. I can imagine that most other dogs losing mobility would love it too.

So overall highly recommended and worth the money it costs.

Great Pet stroller buggy comfort by innopet

Very fast delivery, well made and easy to use. We now have one very happy little old dog. Would highly recommend to everyone who has a struggling to walk pet. A++++