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The All Terrain Stroller (and Bike Trailer - optional) for Dogs Up to 50kgs! 

The Hercules Dog Buggy stroller was created for large dog breeds. Once the signs of aging begin to take hold, your pooch can no longer enjoy walks and outings without discomfort. This stroller gives them a new lease on life. The Hercules will support weight of up to 50Kg. It is sleek and simple to maneuver.
Not only a great dog stroller for joggers but equally capable off road. The Hercules will go anywhere thanks to the large rear 20" tyres with wheel suspension. Give your dog back the joy of fresh air and happy strolls. It has one entrance at the rear, low to the ground for easy access and a peek a boo roof window. Including a free rain cover!
The Hercules 2.0 has just been released and you can now purchase the bike connector as an accessory. Take your pooch for a ride in the Hercules as a dog bike trailer. 
If you have a very large breed and are not certain your dog will be able to comfortably lie down in the Hercules, measure out the dimension of the cabin with tape on the floor. The Hercules cabin dimensions are  L78 W60 H68 (cm). Place your dog inside the taped out area to get a good idea. Please also click our reviews at the top of the page and see all the sorts of sweet pooches who are loving their Hercules.  


Hercules Dog Buggy Features

  Includes a free rain cover
  The heavy-duty construction supports up 50 kg (110 lbs.), fur and all.
  Air filled tyres 8,5 “ front and 20” back
  The sleek, modern design offers your pup enough room to sit or lie down comfortably while you stroll away the day.
  The multiple openings offer superior access and ventilation.
  Steel manufacturing with an aircraft-grade aluminum tubing-supported frame ensures the Hercules is always stable and sturdy.
  The supportive aluminum tubing with steel reinforcement.
  Quick-release pneumatic tyres. The tyres provide excellent shock absorption and include reflectors in the spokes to help protect you and your pet in darker conditions.
  Three handlebar height-settings to ensure your comfort.
  Additional foot leverage handle below, to help you maneuver over curbs and obstacles.
  A rear storage bag allows you to bring essential snacks and supplies.

 Supports up to 50 kg (110lbs); Designed for large dogs or multiple small to medium dogs.

Optimal height and width for large dogs to sit or lie down comfortably while you stroll away the day.

Features large mesh windows in the front, top, and back for excellent airflow, temperature control, and ease of access. Use the front window for views, top window for your dogs to stick their heads out, and the back window to observe them.

Utilizes punctual-free EVA and pneumatic tires with high-level shock absorption for a comfortable ride even on a bumpy terrain. The front tire rotates at 360 degrees for you to easily navigate and change directions as you please.

With 2-Level handlebar heights, you can simply press & pull to uninstall wheels, and fold the stroller in one go.

Designed with auto-lock sliders that can prevent your pet from accidentally unzipping the zippers. Includes safety tethers, quick brakes, and reflectors in the spokes to help protect you and your pet in dark conditions.

The fabric is breathable and permeable yet resistant to splash and very easy to clean with water.

 You can bike with your pet with our specially designed tow bar to connect the stroller to your bike. Available for purchase as an add-on.

Comes with a rear storage bag for you to store everything you and your pets need!



 Accessories Included

  Safety tether x 2

  Rain Cover


Optional Extra

  Bike Towing Arm 


Hercules Dog Buggy Dimensions

  Recommended Weight Limit: 50.0KG/110.0lbs
  N.W.: 15.0KG/33.0lbs
  Cabin Dimension: L78 W60 H68 (cm);L30.7 W23.6 H26.8 (in)
  Stroller Dimension: L100 W78 H96 (cm); L39.4 W30.7 H37.8 (in)
  Folded Dimension: L95 W78 H50 (cm); L37.4 W30.7 H19.7 (in)
  Rear Entrance: 32cm from the ground


Hercules Heavy Duty Clip demonstrating size and features 



  Hercules Heavy Duty Assembly Guide  

Please note that the Innopet Brand is the official Ibiyaya Brand in Europe.


Now all Innopet Strollers & Bike Trailers come with a 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty 

• all manufacturing defects in the fixed frame (24 months);
• all manufacturing defects in the axles (24 months);
• all manufacturing defects in the wheels (24 months);
• all manufacturing defects of the safety harness (24 months);
• all manufacturing defects on the fabric / covers and zippers (12 months)`

* Click the badge for full Warranty Terms & Conditions


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Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Jennifer (Barking, GB)
Fantastic dog stroller!

I did a lot of research on strollers as needed one big enough for my 34k Labrador and was aware of the handling difficulties in all the other models I'd seen. Let me tell you this can handle anything! All terrain and in total comfort - for dog and handler. I know I won't regret spending the extra pounds on this quality stroller and although I wish we didn't need it, I know it is going to be a great investment.

Emma W. (Hackney, GB)
Worth every penny!

My boy recently had surgery but the Hercules meant that we could still get him out in the fresh air without him having to walk far. It was worth every penny!

Wendy (Braintree, GB)
Excellent purchase!

Best purchase ever, our 13 yr old lab is losing mobility & was becoming very sad, but now we have the hercules he’s out and about again & so much happier. Our boy is 40kg so hills are a challenge but the buggy is very easy to manoeuvre & it’s easy for him to get in and out of. Welll worth the money!

S.Evans (Liverpool, GB)
We love the Hercules

This product is for my 14 year old northern inuit. I initially ordered a wheelchair, but after some consideration of her front legs also deteriorating and her determination to still walk independantly I exchanged (I was within the timescale for the return) for the Hercules. This was absolutely the right decision for our girl. An amazing design that gives Zuka more freedom with extra comfort. Could not recommend the product or Pets Own Us enough.

Janet C. (Nottingham, GB)
Molly’s new wheels

Very pleased with the Innopet 2.0 Hercules stroller. It is exactly what we wanted and hoped it would be. What’s more important Molly likes it too. It’s easy to assemble and disassemble. It handles well even when carrying a large dog. It’s given us a lot more freedom for walking.

KATERINA B. (Newton Stewart, GB)

Very sturdy stroller. It took 2 mins to put together. Easy to use and easy to fold again. Really good for big dogs. My big Girl Era is nearly 13 years old and she has 3 legs . Hercules stroller will give her again the chance to come out with us for nice walks. Thank you Innopet :)