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The Stroller for Dogs Up to 50kgs!

The Hercules Dog Buggy stroller was created for large dog breeds. Once the signs of aging begin to take hold, your pooch can no longer enjoy walks and outings without discomfort. This stroller gives them a new lease on life. The Hercules will support weight of up to 50Kg. It is sleek and simple to maneuver.
Not only a great dog stroller for joggers but equally capable off road. The Hercules will go anywhere thanks to the large rear 20" tyres with wheel suspension. Give your dog back the joy of fresh air and happy strolls. It has one entrance at the rear, low to the ground for easy access and a peek a book roof window. Including a free rain cover!
The Hercules 2.0 has just been released and you can now purchase the bike connector as an accessory. Take your pooch for a ride in the Hercules as a dog bike trailer. 
If you have a very large breed and are not certain your dog will be able to comfortably lie down in the Hercules, measure out the dimension of the cabin with tape on the floor. The Hercules cabin dimensions are  L78 W60 H68 (cm). Place your dog inside the taped out area to get a good idea. Please also click our reviews at the top of the page and see all the sorts of sweet pooches who are loving their Hercules.  


Hercules Dog Buggy Features

Includes a free rain cover
The heavy-duty construction supports up 50 kg (110 lbs.), fur and all.
Air filled tyres 8,5 “ front and 20” back
The sleek, modern design offers your pup enough room to sit or lie down comfortably while you stroll away the day.
The multiple openings offer superior access and ventilation.
Steel manufacturing with an aircraft-grade aluminum tubing-supported frame ensures the Hercules is always stable and sturdy.
The supportive aluminum tubing with steel reinforcement.
Quick-release pneumatic tyres. The tyres provide excellent shock absorption and include reflectors in the spokes to help protect you and your pet in darker conditions.
Three handlebar height-settings to ensure your comfort.
Additional foot leverage handle below, to help you maneuver over curbs and obstacles.
A rear storage bag allows you to bring essential snacks and supplies.



 Accessories Included

Safety tether x 2

Rain Cover


Optional Extra

Bike Towing Arm 

Hercules Dog Buggy Dimensions

Recommended Weight Limit: 50.0KG/110.0lbs
N.W.: 15.0KG/33.0lbs
Cabin Dimension: L78 W60 H68 (cm);L30.7 W23.6 H26.8 (in)
Stroller Dimension: L100 W78 H96 (cm); L39.4 W30.7 H37.8 (in)
Folded Dimension: L95 W78 H50 (cm); L37.4 W30.7 H19.7 (in)
Hercules Heavy Duty Dog Stroller Dimensions


Hercules Heavy Duty Clip demonstrating size and features 



  Hercules Heavy Duty Assembly Guide  

Please note that the Innopet Brand is the official Ibiyaya Brand in Europe.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Excellent product

Excellent product and even better customer service. Really good advice when I rang and product was delivered quickly. Stroller is strong and easy to manage.

Hello Karen, Thank you for this amazing review. We are so glad you had an great experience with us. You pooch looks so adorable in the stroller. wishing you more happy walks

Delighted with our purchase

We purchased this stroller for our 14 year old Labrador who has been feeling poorly recently/ mobility decreased etc. This product caught our eye straight away and although more expensive than others we viewed, it was by far of superior quality. It’s a good size and she can lay comfortably in it. It also has a rain over which is ideal along with openings at the front and back to make it easier to get our dog in and out. It’s easy to assemble which is ideal.

Our dog loves her new stroller and it has afforded her an element of freedom during her final journey. It was also delivered quickly which was a massive help to us. Customer service was positive too. We would absolutely recommend this product.

Thank you to Pets Own Us.


This stroller is absolutely brilliant, waited a while for it to come into stock, but worth the wait. Well made , easy to assemble, and fits in the car no problem. We’ve got a 12yr old chocolate Labrador called molly. She was a bit reluctant to get in at first, but once she got in she settled no problem. She’s not to good on her legs, so soon as she’s had enough walking, it’s a welcome relief for her to rest. We can also carry on walking, where we would normally have to go back home. It’s brilliant being able to do longer walks again, and it’s great off road as well. I know it’s slightly expensive, but it’s well worth it. A definite 5 star.


We have been using the innopet stroller for the last 18 months for my Labrador Peggy who suffers with advanced arthritis in both elbows. As her condition worsened she got to a point where sitting for any length of time was uncomfortable but to lay down she could only have her legs stretched out fully in front of her, this meant the stroller was now too small...(we had deliberately chosen the stroller for ease of lifting over stiles, squeezing through gates etc etc) so we upgraded to the Hercules. It gives us the room Peggy needs and we are now back to our normal 2 to 3 hour walks which our other Labrador enjoys while Peggy hops in and out of the buggy as she pleases and gets the chance to stretch out and recover until she’s ready for another run. Being on my own with one quite difficult choc lab (Dog and bike aggressive) and a large buggy with precious cargo inside was giving me concern about whether I could manoeuvre everybody on leads etc but it’s actually remarkably easy. Gates are no problem due to the rotating front wheel it wiggles round fine, too big to go through kissing gates and bridge stops, but even for a slightly aging, bad back and dodgy elbow carrier like me, it’s incredibly light and easy to lift. I do make Peggy get out first though!! It is however bulky and a full arms stretch for me so carrying across bridges while keeping Charlie on a lead is a struggle but still do-able. It is easy to push, very easy to manoeuvre, copes with long grass, mud, sand etc brilliantly. It folds up really easily and I love the red click points to release the arms. It’s quite big even folded and no longer fits neatly in my boot like the stroller did. Not a problem for odd days out as I can stand on its side and lean across to close the boot, but leaves no room for anything else. The only thing I find difficult is closing the arms when putting it up, I just find it really difficult to snap them down for some reason. Also I loved the feature on the stroller where you can set the handle height! On the Hercules it is a fixed handle which I don’t find as comfortable. That is the only reason I haven’t given it 5 stars. We love it and highly recommend it!

Innopet Hercules stroller

Bought this for my 14 years young 30kg English Pointer Murphy. The one true love of my life :) I deliberately left writing a review until I'd had a chance to use it regularly, so here goes: Purchase experience was seamless & delivery was prompt with good communication. On arrival, it was well packed & as promised no assembly (other than popping on the wheels, which is a doddle) was required. First thing ... You'll need something to blow up the tyres! I don't have the the luxury of space, so folding up & down is a daily task which although fairly simple, takes a bit of practice to master. There is definitely a knack to the red clips ! They only slide forward when the bar is a fraction shy of locked straight. After mastering that part, it's a doddle. The locking clips for the handle are great but I would say the metal rings holding them could be a little stronger. If you're in a rush to fold down (torrential rain) and don't pull the pin perfectly straight the metal loop just stretches . That could eventually lead to losing the pins. Stroller comes with rain cover which is excellent, although you need to be an origami genius to get it folded back flat. One thing I hadn't thought of until I received the stroller was what is the dog actually sitting on, the only add on offered was an extra storage bag. After much scouring on Ebay, I purchased a premium orthopedic foam dog bed crate mattress (£39.95) XL size 85x57x10cm fits perfectly. With all that out the way I left the stroller built up in a room & randomly threw treats in to get Murphy used to going in & out of his own accord. Seemed to do the trick :) The stroller it really easy to push, although on an incline if your dog decides to flop right at the back the weight will lift the front wheel & if the dog sits up to see around steering needs a bit extra concentration. Murphy took around 4 or 5 trips to settle properly & is now used to walking beside & then hopping in when his legs tire, he prefers the front being open so he can see where he's going. When it's closed he gets ratty & tries to dig his way out. So just as well the stitching & material are as sturdy :) Depending on the weather, be aware that in the sun it gets quite warm in there even with the front & top open. The back opens too but not really practical if you have things in the pockets, like the rain cover. (which I always do because I live in Scotland & it rains a lot) Ideally I have discovered that with the back seats down, the stroller fits in the back of a mini cooper without needing to remove the wheels. Perfect for me & Murphy Dog! We have already had many adventures & it's been great for both of us. Murphy used to walk me 7 miles every other night in life & go adventuring on the weekends. Poor lad can only manage a mile or two now & I don't have the heart to leave him alone & go walking by myself, so it's got us both out more. I would say, plan your route more carefully than usual because unless you have help, styles, bollards etc are now your enemy. I have also realised that no matter how excellent the wheels are & they are excellent...a 30kg dog will always weigh 30kgs, be prepared to reacquaint yourself with leg muscles you may have forgotten you had! So, yeah, you guys should think about selling mattresses for the base, cool mats for hot days, air pumps for the tyres, maybe a mirror so you can see cyclists creeping up behind you. All in all, it's definitely worth spending the extra money on this as opposed to the cheaper versions. Nothing is perfect but this gets pretty close. It's enriching the life of the Murphy Dog on an almost daily basis & I wish I'd bought one years ago. Even if your dog is capable of walking miles, not all dogs are sociable & after being attacked as a pup Murphy is one of them. So this would have been ideal for walking him to & from places without needing to deal with other peoples off lead dogs. Now with a touch of dementia, he is often unpredictable in his reactions with strangers & their dogs, thankfully whilst in the stroller he just ignores them :) So that's my review, I hope it gives insight & encourages many more people to get out walking with their furry families !

Hi Karen,

We can't thank you enough for your detailed review and tips on what would assist others to make the most and ensure the comfort of their fur babies! We will certainly look into sourcing a comfortable mattress to fit and air pump. So wonderful to hear you and Murphy can get out and about putting the Hercules to the test no doubt. Stay safe all the best! and happy strolls pushing Murphy! :)

Hercules InnoPet stroller (chariot)

This has been great for our lab, suffering from arthritis after being a very active dog so walks are down to 30 mins. This has allowed us to access his swimming spots and take longer walks again, he had no problem getting used to it and just climbs in when he's ready so he can sit there taking in the smells. It has good stability and sufficient clearance to get across rough ground. It's easy to collapse at stiles although is fairly heavy for lugging over so something made out of lighter but strong alloy would be a great option to see.


Let customers speak for us

681 reviews
Lisa T (Durham, GB)
Amazing product and service

My beagle has had a tough 2020. 3 cruciate ligament surgeries. A failed graft after another. We felt terrible leaving her incthe house to go on walks that she'd usually love, but now can't do. We bought the air comfort buggie and what a difference it has made in just a week. The delivery was exceptionally quick and instalation really easy. The product is comfy and easy to push and she is secure and able to join us on different terains. She now gets to join us on long walks and doesn't have to be left home alone. My only regret is not buying sooner. Can't recommend more.

Neil (Tenby, GB)

I recently purchased a pet stroller, it came almost ready assembled and superb quality ! The company ( pets own us) was very professional and emailed me with updates until my stroller arrived. I cannot praise them enough, I am a very happy customer and I will definitely be buying more from them again. Thanks

Susan hayes (Accrington, GB)
Innopet Sporty dod stroller

After struggling with my rescue tripod Bull Terrier having to drive most places to do short walks the stroller has been a god send. Im now able to leave the car at home and get into the wonderful countryside for her walks. I let her have short walks then a rest in the stroller. Bella has taken really well to the stroller and acutely lets me no when she wants to be pushed. It so easy to push on all terrains and very easy up and down kerbs. Taking it down to put in the car is so easy the wheels click of and the stroller then folds down with ease. Best thing I have ever bought. Thank you to who ever designed the stroller they certainly had Bella's needs in mind. Great design highly recommend to my doggie friends.

Maxine Rooke (Tamworth, GB)
Good buggy BUT.....

I ordered the Inopet sporty dog buggy as we are keen walkers and have a very lazy bulldog who we wanted to join us on our family walks. Overall I love the buggy and it’s very comfy for our 25kg bulldog who absolutely loves it too! The only criticism I have are the air filled tyres. I’ve only had the buggy a couple of weeks and we have had 2 punctures. Luckily we were near home when this happened so she managed to walk back so we could sort it out. Would of probably been better with the hard style tyres as I am worried if this happens when we’re on a long journey, my bulldog would struggle with getting home.

Nicola Williamson (Doncaster, GB)
Max’s new wheels

Fabulous service. Easy, friendly and fast delivery! The website made choosing online so easy. The stroller is fantastic. Just the right size with plenty of room and very comfy. Thank you!