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Dog Car Seats


A brand new collection of high quality handmade dog car seats

To suit any car interior style and little fluffy personality. They double up as a pet travel bed, offering your dog first class view and are filled with comfy silicone for dreamy long snoozes. 

Car dog seats offer numerous benefits, including enhanced safety for both the dog and human passengers during car rides. These seats prevent distractions for the driver, reduce the risk of injuries to the dog in the event of sudden stops or accidents, and provide a comfortable and secure space for the pet.

Additionally, they help protect the vehicle's interior, comply with relevant laws, and come in various styles to accommodate different dog sizes and behaviors. Car dog seats are versatile, easy to clean, and contribute to a more enjoyable and stress-free travel experience for both pets and their owners.

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Julibee's Fluff Dog Car Seat | 3 Sizes
Regular price£ 57.50£ 38.90
    Julibee's Plush Luxury Dog Car Seat | Grey
    Regular price£ 149.50£ 95.50
      Julibee's Plush Luxury Dog Car Seat | Black
      Regular price£ 149.50£ 95.50

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