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Why on earth would anyone buy a Dog Stroller?

They are in fact very practical solutions for both pet parents and their fur babies.  Essentially, a stroller is a larger option for transporting pets who may also need mobile assistance. Look at it as a carrier or a crate on wheels instead of as a baby pram.  Apart from taking your fur baby with you shopping and strolls in the park, here are some essential solutions.
Elderly dogs - Older dogs may not be able to move around like they used to.
Injured dogs - Dogs that have been hurt may need time to recuperate.
Paralyzed dogs - A dog buggy can help your paralyzed dog enjoy outings again.
Sick dogs - Dogs that are sick may be too weak or tired to move well.
Rescued dogs - If you're fostering or adopting a dog from a bad situation, a stroller can help these bruised souls feel safe.
Dogs with heartworm - Dogs who have been diagnosed with heartworm have to be inactive for months to prevent damage to their organs.
Dogs with hip dysplasia - Dogs with hip and elbow dysplasia are often big dogs that have lived an active life. 
Post surgery - Dogs that need to recuperate from surgery but still able to enjoy the outdoors.

We stock a wide range of dog pushchairs & bike trailers from Innopet, Ibiyaya, DoggyTourer, Croozer & Dutch Dog.

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Innopet® Dog Stroller Pram | Comfort AIR ECO V2.0 | + £25 Cashback*
Regular price£ 289.95
  • Black / Silver Grey
  • Dark Grey / Light Grey
Ibiyaya® Retro Luxe Pet Stroller | Prism Black
Regular price£ 429.95£ 343.96

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