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Oh Charlie


"Design, fashion and passion for pets are things that have always inspired us and contributed to the creation of the Oh Charlie brand. Creating luxurious products for dogs and cats we are constantly looking for new stylistic solutions, research the latest trends in the world of fashion and design, we focus on the highest quality and safety of our four-legged friends. From exclusive beds and dog houses to harnesses and bow-ties, we make sure that our products are a decoration not only for your pets but also for your homes. 

In the process of production we focus on the highest quality. All accessories coming from the Oh Charlie studio are hand sewn products under strict and direct supervision of the designer. Thanks to this, we can confidently ensure that we take care of every detail, even the smallest one. The materials we use are carefully selected fabrics from Poland and Italy characterized not only by a beautiful appearance but also high durability. Oh Charlie products are not afraid of tusks and claws, they will keep their beautiful look for a long time and provide the highest comfort to your pets.

As a company focused on quality, we want to be close to our customers and we appreciate the fact that they share their opinions and experience with us. It is thanks to you that we can develop and improve our products."

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