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Wheelchairs & Mobility Aids Walkin Wheels

In 2001 Walkin' Pets designed and released the incredible Walkin' Wheels Dog & Pet Wheelchair. Revolutionising the way disabled or elderly dogs exercise and play. Whether your best friend is limited by age, illness or injury the Walkin' wheelchair will give them freedom of movement and ultimately improves their quality of life. It gives you both an opportunity to explore more outdoor areas together and enjoy a happy active lifestyle.   

It can be such an incredible surprise to your dog when they realise they have their legs back and take their first walk or run. This top quality product is designed to be used indoors or outdoors. If your dog has lost the use of their legs and it is effecting their mood and mental state, the Walkin Wheels will get their tails wagging. 
We have a range of Pet Splints, Lifting Harnesses, Booties to help your pooch post surgery injury. 

This might be an option best discussed with your Vet. It can be an effective solution for neurological conditions, hip dysplasia, arthritis, amputees and recovery post surgery. Please contact us with any questions, always happy to help

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