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The boy was 12 years old when he got his first dog. That day changed his life. He promised himself to never be without a dog ever again and to make it a vital part of his life to create a better world for dogs. The boy's name was William.

Now this could be a wonderful story, a beautiful fairy tale as we may read it today on many brand websites on the Internet. This is the real story about William Walker: It was a beautiful summer day in Hamburg, loads of sunlight and blue sky over the Elbe, so we knew we had to get out and enjoy the fantastic weather. We packed our beach towels, grabbed our dog Bandos and strolled along the promenade to the Elbstrand (Elbe beach). While we slowly approached our destination, we talked about life and how hard it sometimes seems to understand its meaning. As we sat at the beach, our feet buried in the warm sand and Bandos playing alongside the water, while the big container ships passed by Hamburg harbour, the gateway to the world, it happened, the first William Walker moment.

During this perfect moment at the Hamburg Elbe beach we suddenly became aware again of what we love, what we want to achieve and that there is no better moment or place than right here and right now to shape our life according to our own ideas and wishes. We are moved by our hometown Hamburg, the water, the trade, the honorable, we love our dog Bandos, the perfect moments together, we are driven by the desire to make the world a better one, leaving a small imprint in the sand and knowing that we were here with our heart and soul.William Walker is our answer to that. The celebration of life in general and of all the special moments that we be given from our beloved dogs.The bond between dog and owner is a bond of love, trust, wild enthusiasm and honest affection. William Walker gives this connection its visible home. Our dog products do not overwhelm with an oversized selection, but convince by conscious limitation. Our carefully selected design selection creates space for the essential, spending time with each other and thus the chance for shared and unforgettable moments together, real William Walker moments.


William Walker

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