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Giant Dog Breeds

 These gentle giants are loving, loyal and truly protective of their humans. Usually well over 45kg and up to 90kg. They have hearts of gold, make perfect companions for active out back country loving people who enjoy jogging, hiking or walking regularly. Some also tend to obliterate furniture with their slobber and dirty paws while others are graceful and elegant. These muscular, powerful dogs can be fierce, fearless and self-confident facing a threat but turn to marshmallow, loving and kind with their family pack.  


Giant Dog Breeds

We have curated collections below specifically for giant breeds. Click on the collection below to browse the latest trending products. When shopping for strollers, beds or apparel, please refer to the manufacturer's sizing guide. A good rule of thumb is measure your dogs spine from the base of the neck to the base of the tail and compare that to the product dimensions. Peruse our designer dog sofas and beds with specially treated durable materials for easy cleaning.


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