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What in the Box Small

Whatā€™s In the Box?

1 Frame
1 set of 4ā€³ Foam Wheels Attached to 6ā€³ Struts
1 set of Extenders
2 connectors (7ā€³ and 4ā€³)
1 Front Harness with Sleeves
1 set Leg Rings Rear Support Saddle
1 Belly Belt
2 Stirrups
1 Instruction Manual

Small Wheelchair Frame


The frame is blue, camo, or pink powder-coated aluminum. It will not bend, break, or rust. Black knuckles are on each side of the frame, which hold the leg of the wheelchair to the frame. The wheels/struts will be inserted into the leg and adjusted to the proper height. The knuckle has a high and low setting which can be adjusted with a Phillips screwdriver (see DVD instructions).

Width Connectors

Width Connectors:

Your wheelchair will come with two width connectors (7ā€³ and 4ā€³). One is already installed in the back of your cart. If you need more width, the wheelchair comes equipped with a longer connector in the box.

Length Extenders

Length Extenders:

Your wheelchair will come with two extenders (side rails) installed, which determine the length of your dog. The length of the extender should end in the middle of the dogā€™s front leg. It should not pass the front leg.Ā 

Small Front Harness for Wheelchair

The Front Harness

The dogā€™s head goes between the blue and black straps. The red strap goes under the dogā€™s front legs and clips on the side of the harness. The shoulder pads are made of neoprene and keep the straps and buckles from causing discomfort for the dog. Neoprene comfort sleeves wrap around the straps for the dogā€™s comfort. Comfort sleeves can be cut in half if they are too long.

Leg Rings

Leg Rings:

The dogā€™s hindquarters are held in place by the leg rings, or our rear harness support system. The leg rings can also be used as a lifting harness when out of the wheelchair; the excess strapping can be touch-fastened together to make handles on each side.

Wheels and Struts for Walkin' Wheels Small

Wheels & Struts:

The wheels are attached to a metal piece called a ā€œstrut.ā€ Four-inch foam wheels come standard, which are great for all terrains. TheyĀ feature aĀ dense foam interior with an outer rubber layer. These wheels will not puncture, wear extremely well, and are easy to clean. Eight-inch wheels are also available, depending on dogā€™s measurements.

Small Belly Belt

Belly Belt:

The Belly Belt will help support your dogā€™s back. It is not always necessary to use the belly belt, but is highly recommended for dogs with a long back, overweight or elderly dogs, dogs with curvature of the spine, and dogs with disc problems.

Stirrups for Small Walkin' Wheels


Stirrups are used to hold the dogā€™s legs off the ground so they donā€™t drag due to paralysis, knuckling under, or foot injuries.Ā The adjustable stirrups are positioned to hold the foot up at the hock. If your dog doesnā€™t need them, the stirrups may be removed from the wheelchair.


The Manual:

The manual gives instructions and tips on assembling and using the Walkinā€™ Wheels Wheelchair.

Tool Kit

Tool Kit:

The tool kit comes in a plastic bag and includes and Allen wrench and set screws. The (optional) set screws may be used to tighten up the wheelchair frame and

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