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Ascot Leather Dog Collar by Lord Lou | Black

The Ascot dog collar is handmade, designed with the finest attention to detail by one of the best ateliers in France in collaboration with Lord Lou. The beautiful collar consists of three layers of durable saddlery leather and the soft padded inside is made of the finest glove leather.

Ascot Leather Dog Collar

A beautiful accessory for your dog, have you ever thought about that? Good thing we did. Designing a charming neck piece for our beloved canines isn’t an easy job. That’s why we collaborated with one of the best ateliers in France: experienced craftsmen, who work for the equestrian world. They understand their profession like no one else, making their job look easy. Resulting in a beautiful collar and that consist of three layers durable saddlery leather.



Luxury Dog Collar

Ascot is available in multiple sizes and colours. Consult our size guide to find the perfect one for your four-legged companion. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Choosing between the colours is something we cannot advise you on. The holes in the collar are reinforced with nylon, avoiding that the holes stretch over time. Therefore, this luxury dog collar will last a long while. Moreover, a chef wants to be famous for his precisive cutting; craftsman for their admirable stitching work. They stitch the collars each and individually by their passionate hands.




Leather Dog Leash

Complement the Ascot collar with matching leather dog leash. A match made in heaven, if you will. At Lord Lou, we dare to say we lead you the way. The way to a fashionable though functional accessory for your dog. The leather is among the more durable materials for a dog leash. That way, you can lead your four-legged friend a long way, too


Ascot Dog Collar Key Features

-Made in France
-Hand made from durable saddler leather from France
-Saddle-stitched by hand for strength
-Each collar consists of 3 layers of the finest leather
-Vegetable-dyed for the coloured ones
-The holes in the collar are reinforced with nylon to avoid stretching
-The collar sizes S, M, L & XL are softly padded with super soft glove leather and reinforced stitching throughout, to protect your dogs neck from rubbing and irritation
-Solid nickel hardware

Available in 7 Sizes

Neck Size (cm)
XXS. 20 – 24,5 cm
XS. 24,5 – 29 cm
S. 29 – 35 cm
M. 35 – 41 cm
L. 41 – 48,5 cm
XL. 48,5 – 56 cm

XXL 50 - 58 cm

Neck Size (Inch)
XXS. 7,9 – 9,5 inch
XS. 9,5 – 11,4 inch
S. 11,4 – 13,8 inch
M. 13,8 – 16,1 inch
L. 16,1 – 18,9 inch
XL. 18,9 – 22 inch

XXL 19 - 23 inch

Sizing Guide

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