Atom In Cabin Pet Carrier for Dogs and Cats by Sleepypod - Jet Black

Sleepypod Atom is a discreet innovative modern pet carrier for everyday living. Your pet can come along with you on all your adventures and no one would know what was in your smart stylish carry bag hanging off your shoulder. A soft ultra plush base makes it cosy and comfortable for your pet to lie on with room to stand up and turn around happily. The Atom with sturdy sides will not collapse on your pet.  It is ideal for small pets - dogs up to 8lb and cats up to 12lb. Sleepypod Atom is the smaller brother of the Sleepypod Air. A great feature is that it meets most major airline carry-on pet regulations, In cabin with your pet all the way! 

Sleepypod Crash-Tested

The Atom is perfect for road trips or short trips to the vet with the special provisions designed for the safety belt. Sleepypod Atom was crash-tested to assure your pets safety when traveling by car. Check out Atom’s crash-test videos along with more information on the Sleepypod Safety Test Program. 


Beautifully Designed Sleepypod

Traveling by air with your petite pooch or kitty has never been easier! Sleepypod Atom’s ergonomic and sleek design fits comfortably beneath airline seats.
We would recommend you place the Atom open in the living room for several weeks before travelling. Your pet will start enjoying it as nice sleeping place, which significantly reduces the stress once you use it to travel. Available in 5 colour variations.

Sleepypod Atom Features

Made for dogs up to 3.5Kg. and cats up to 5Kg
Airline approved
Special belt system for travel by car
Crash-tested for Safety
Side pockets for treats, collapsible bowls and small items.
Easily folds up to be stored away or kept in another travel bag.
Removable and washable ultra plush mattress
Large mesh panel for better ventilation


    Available in one size - 10.5" L x 17" W x 8.5" H - Atom carrier weight 1,5Kg
    Sleepypod At pet weight allowance



    Cleaning Instructions

    Wipe exterior with damp cloth
    Vacuum pet fur from Ultra Plush bedding
    Separate Ultra Plush from foam padding, machine wash Ultra Plush in cold, gentle cycle then line dry
    Foam panel is wrapped in a water repellent cover that can be cleaned with a damp cloth


    A Safe Bet

    “If you are taking to the skies this holiday with your four-legged companion, then you might be looking for a fashionable and well-made airline approved pet carrier that won’t make your pet feel claustrophbic–right? Look no further than the adorable new Sleepypod Atom” – Animal Planet
     “Sleepypod Atom is a modern pet carrier for everyday living that is consistent with the innovative design features that Sleepypod built its reputation on”Editorial, Modern Dog Magazine
     “This is a well made versatile carrier with good looks. All of Sleepypod’s designs are modern and sleek and the Atom is no exception and it comes in several color”Editorial,
    Compare the Sleepypod Atom VS Air

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