Balto® Ligatek – Adjustable Hinged Knee Brace

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The Balto® Ligatek is carefully designed to stabilise your dog's post-traumatic or acquired knee joint deficiency. 



What Is It For?

The ligatek knee brace has been carefully designed to stabilize your dog’s post-op trauma or the reduction in the knee joint required. Thanks to the adjustable hinges, the user can control the R.O.M. (Range of motion) and lock the joint into full immobilization or controlled degrees of flexion-extension movements. This enables to treat a variety of needs in a versatile way. Ligatek is also width adjustable (thanks to our modifiable straps) as wellas length-adjustable. The upper and lower padding can be extended or shortened to ensure an excellent fit around the leg.

Ligatek Knee Brace Recommended Usage During Postoperative Care:

Thanks to Ligatek, the user can regulate flexion-extension movements or lock the joint into full immobilization, allowing proper healing by reducing stress and excessive strain, depending on your dog’s needs after surgery.

Ligatek is recommended for postoperative care in case of:

Cranial-caudal cruciate ligaments deficiency (TPLO, TTA surgical procedures);
Patellar surgical procedures (sulcopasty, tibial tuberosity transposition, fracture);
Extracapsular technique;
Patellar tendon synthesis.

Ligatek Knee Brace Conservative Treatment Usage As An Alternative To Surgery:

The ligatek brace can be used as an alternative support in cases when surgery options are not feasible (E.G. Due to age or prior medical condition). Being able to control movements while maintaining an adequate R.O.M.,

Makes ligatek suitable for conservative treatments such as:

Cranial and caudal cruciate ligament injury and/or tear;
Traumatic or acquired collateral ligaments deficiency;
Joint capsule trauma;
Patellar dislocation.





Recommended Use

During postoperative care please follow your veterinarian’s instructions on appropriate usage time. In case of postoperative edema remove the brace until the swelling is reduced.

Do not remove the stickers showing the hinge degrees and the brace direction.

Keep the brace clean. Eliminate any hair, especially inside the Velcro parts: use an appropriate hairbrush every 2/3 days.

Do not machine wash the brace: for proper cleaning remove all padded parts and hand wash them in cold water with mild detergent.

Do not use screwdrivers or other electrical tools to adjust the screws.

Do not force the screws during assembly to avoid damaging the thread.

In addition to the 2 allen keys, the package contains a few spare screws.

Do not leave the brace on for an extended period of time: the brace must be worn during the day, especially during physical activity, and it should be removed at night.

Do not leave your dog unattended for a long period of time while wearing the brace: your dog could try to remove it by biting or scratching the brace.


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