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CHILL DELUXE Cat Shelf & Perch By Cosy and Dozy - Maple (Cushions available in Multiple Colours)

Cosy and Dozy Chill Cat Shelf

Cat Shelf Done Right

The CHILL deluxe cat shelf and perch is an expertly hand crafted design, ideal for any vertical space in your home. A solid wood feline perch that give your cat the pleasure of surveying their kingdom at their leisure. The comfy cushion completes this lounger chill out pad. The ultimate safe den for your cat whilst they can still keep a watchful eye on their humans. Ideal for 2 indoor kittys, the deluxe is spacious and chic..

Easy and simple to install, it attaches firmly to the wall
Heavy-duty hidden brackets measure 16” apart so they can be fitted into wall studs or a solid wall. Because they are totally concealed, it gives the CHILL cat shelf a classic floating design that fits with any type of interior décor, modern or traditional.

Chill Cat shelf's dimensions:

  Width - 16 inches (41 cm)
Length - 20 inches (50 cm)
Cushion thickness - 1.2 inches (3 cm)
Weight (with brackets) - 9.7 Ib ( 4,5 kg)
Max load - 44 Ib (20 kg)
Included In The Set: Cushion, brackets (already installed), two frame fixings
This shelf is ready to hang
The spacing between metal brackets is 16 inches (40.6 cm), so that the shelf can be attached to the wall studs behind the sheet rock for the maximum strength.


Climbing, jumping, and napping up high are not just your kitty’s random feel-good behavior. The need to be up high is instinctual. Cats are tree-climbing mammals. 

Early cats were hunters and many of them lived in the rain forests. Their claws enabled them to climb skillfully, escaping into trees for safety or climbing to lie in wait for prey. 

Nowadays, cats who live indoors are safer than their outside cousins, but they often become bored and gain weight. There are however ways to avoid it. Vertical territory with perches at different heights inspires cats to jump and climb and provides hours of entertainment. 

Cat Shelf CHILL DeLUXE gives the cat a better vantage point. From that location, the cat can survey his 'realm' and be more aware of activities of people and other pets. If a cat is anxious or afraid, it may get him farther away from the cause of his anxiety (e.g.; pesky dog or small children).

 Another crucial benefit is temperature. Because heat rises, CHILL DeLUXE shelf can become cozy place especially on cold winter days. Cats love to stretch out and lounge on it. They would appreciate it you placed the shelf near household furniture so that it is easy for the kitty to climb or jump up on them.

 Cat bed Chill DeLUXE will not only make use of the vertical space in your home, it is BIG and really chic. It's more like great quality pet furniture rather than a simple pet bed. It is much bigger that the Chill shelf. The soft cushion is fastened on so it won’t budge. The shelves are made of the beech plywood.  

 The set includes two universal bolts that you can use to hang the shelf. Two holes in the wall will suffice. With the opening of the bracket of "keyhole" type the shelf is very easy to hang.



The mounting brackets are 16" apart so they may be installed into wall studs for maximum strength.




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739 reviews
Lisa T (Durham, GB)
Amazing product and service

My beagle has had a tough 2020. 3 cruciate ligament surgeries. A failed graft after another. We felt terrible leaving her incthe house to go on walks that she'd usually love, but now can't do. We bought the air comfort buggie and what a difference it has made in just a week. The delivery was exceptionally quick and instalation really easy. The product is comfy and easy to push and she is secure and able to join us on different terains. She now gets to join us on long walks and doesn't have to be left home alone. My only regret is not buying sooner. Can't recommend more.

Neil (Tenby, GB)

I recently purchased a pet stroller, it came almost ready assembled and superb quality ! The company ( pets own us) was very professional and emailed me with updates until my stroller arrived. I cannot praise them enough, I am a very happy customer and I will definitely be buying more from them again. Thanks

Susan hayes (Accrington, GB)
Innopet Sporty dod stroller

After struggling with my rescue tripod Bull Terrier having to drive most places to do short walks the stroller has been a god send. Im now able to leave the car at home and get into the wonderful countryside for her walks. I let her have short walks then a rest in the stroller. Bella has taken really well to the stroller and acutely lets me no when she wants to be pushed. It so easy to push on all terrains and very easy up and down kerbs. Taking it down to put in the car is so easy the wheels click of and the stroller then folds down with ease. Best thing I have ever bought. Thank you to who ever designed the stroller they certainly had Bella's needs in mind. Great design highly recommend to my doggie friends.

Maxine Rooke (Tamworth, GB)
Good buggy BUT.....

I ordered the Inopet sporty dog buggy as we are keen walkers and have a very lazy bulldog who we wanted to join us on our family walks. Overall I love the buggy and it’s very comfy for our 25kg bulldog who absolutely loves it too! The only criticism I have are the air filled tyres. I’ve only had the buggy a couple of weeks and we have had 2 punctures. Luckily we were near home when this happened so she managed to walk back so we could sort it out. Would of probably been better with the hard style tyres as I am worried if this happens when we’re on a long journey, my bulldog would struggle with getting home.

Nicola Williamson (Doncaster, GB)
Max’s new wheels

Fabulous service. Easy, friendly and fast delivery! The website made choosing online so easy. The stroller is fantastic. Just the right size with plenty of room and very comfy. Thank you!