Lord Lou


Columbus Pet Bed By Lord Lou - Dark Grey

Dog bed Columbus

Lord Lou knows that your adventurous canine buddy needs to rest every now and then. Considered that our lovely tail-waggers spend a significant amount of time in dreamland, they’d better have a superb and cozy place to lay down. The padded edges of dog bed Columbus’ cushion provide endless comfort and softness. As your furry friend might move while dreaming, these well-filled strong but smooth edges avoid ending up on the cold pavement. Dog bed Columbus, therefore, offers your best friend comfort and protection while enjoying a good nap.

Columbus’ waterproof inner cushion

It was Columbus himself who travelled over water and probably kept himself dry with some sort of difficulty. There hides an enthusiastic explorer in our dearest dogs and when out for a walk, pools and mud puddles provide the Conquistador with fascinating and exciting occasions. With the blink of an eye, the Explorer has found his way to the deep waters and damage is done. It doesn’t matter, no problem. When Royal Highness comes back home and finally takes notice of blue blood, the Columbus dog cushion welcomes your partner in crime with open arms. Thanks to the waterproof cushion, no drop or dirt poses a threat to Columbus and its modern design.

Clean Columbus dog cushion

Indeed, Columbus experienced victory and still does. Your energetic dog might have blown off some steam and will find peace and warmth with the dog cushion Columbus. Let Your Excellency sink in the soft and cloudy contemporary felt-like fabric and accumulate energy necessary for the next exploration journey. The cushion perfectly adapts to your pet’s body and will provide your four-legged family member with a personalised and tailored crate. When after numerous adventurous trips the Columbus cushion is stained or spotted, the inner cushion can be removed and washed. All what’s needed for a happy and loving dog.


Upholstery: 30% Wool/70% polyester
Filling: 100% microfiber
Colour: Light Grey/Dark Grey

S. 60x50x18 (cm) 23.5x20x7 (inch)
M. 70x60x18 (cm) 27.5×23.5×7 (inch)

Care: Dry cleaning