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Copycat Cat Scratcher By Lord Lou

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Copycat Cat Scratcher

The Copycat is nothing like a regular cat scratcher. It’s brutal, but not blunt. A true piece of art. However, cats have no mercy for these masterpieces. The art of carving is what truly matters here. Our dear pets are little wreckers. Satisfy your cat’s craving to crush and the desire to demolish. The Copycat is made to be torn up by its opponent: your beloved cat. 

Designer Cat Scratcher

Beautifully designed by Dutch designer and cat-lover Erik Stehmann. Which took quite a lot of research. Hang it up on the wall or stabilize it on the floor. Made of hard-wearing sisal fibres: something challenging for our felines to get their claws into. We know what the true victory is. An eye for an eye, without seeing scratches in your sofa. A tooth for a tooth, without facing the fate of your furniture. To scratch or to be scratched, that’s the question.

Timeless Design 

Many times, there is a certain beauty in decay. Luckily, the Copycat won’t degenerate fast. It’ll take a while before the Mona Lisa, the Flowers in a Glass Vase or the Girl with the Pearl Earring is pulverized. Cat owners now have a stylish and light-hearted, though functional accessory for their interior. The Copycat is almost just as timeless as the masterpieces themselves. Its design was inspired by the very own cat of Erik Stehmann in cooperation with Lord Lou to fulfil bold dreams with a unique result.


Size (cm): 70×50

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Lord Lou Scratcher

I was pleasant,y surprised by the sturdy construction and the high quality of this scratcher. So much so I then ordered a second one. They are ideal for placing in a room that you won’t want to look as if you have turned the house into a cat sanctuary. And makes a nice change to a conventional post. The kittens took to them straight away and are saving my furniture!


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Lisa T (Durham, GB)
Amazing product and service

My beagle has had a tough 2020. 3 cruciate ligament surgeries. A failed graft after another. We felt terrible leaving her incthe house to go on walks that she'd usually love, but now can't do. We bought the air comfort buggie and what a difference it has made in just a week. The delivery was exceptionally quick and instalation really easy. The product is comfy and easy to push and she is secure and able to join us on different terains. She now gets to join us on long walks and doesn't have to be left home alone. My only regret is not buying sooner. Can't recommend more.

Neil (Tenby, GB)

I recently purchased a pet stroller, it came almost ready assembled and superb quality ! The company ( pets own us) was very professional and emailed me with updates until my stroller arrived. I cannot praise them enough, I am a very happy customer and I will definitely be buying more from them again. Thanks

Susan hayes (Accrington, GB)
Innopet Sporty dod stroller

After struggling with my rescue tripod Bull Terrier having to drive most places to do short walks the stroller has been a god send. Im now able to leave the car at home and get into the wonderful countryside for her walks. I let her have short walks then a rest in the stroller. Bella has taken really well to the stroller and acutely lets me no when she wants to be pushed. It so easy to push on all terrains and very easy up and down kerbs. Taking it down to put in the car is so easy the wheels click of and the stroller then folds down with ease. Best thing I have ever bought. Thank you to who ever designed the stroller they certainly had Bella's needs in mind. Great design highly recommend to my doggie friends.

Maxine Rooke (Tamworth, GB)
Good buggy BUT.....

I ordered the Inopet sporty dog buggy as we are keen walkers and have a very lazy bulldog who we wanted to join us on our family walks. Overall I love the buggy and it’s very comfy for our 25kg bulldog who absolutely loves it too! The only criticism I have are the air filled tyres. I’ve only had the buggy a couple of weeks and we have had 2 punctures. Luckily we were near home when this happened so she managed to walk back so we could sort it out. Would of probably been better with the hard style tyres as I am worried if this happens when we’re on a long journey, my bulldog would struggle with getting home.

Nicola Williamson (Doncaster, GB)
Max’s new wheels

Fabulous service. Easy, friendly and fast delivery! The website made choosing online so easy. The stroller is fantastic. Just the right size with plenty of room and very comfy. Thank you!