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Diana Velvet Cushion By Lord Lou - Green

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Lord Lou knows you want to treat your beloved pet family member as the Royal Highness it is. There’s only one way to give your furry friend the love and devotion it deserves, and that is surrounding it with the best high-quality materials and designs available on the market. Our Diana dog bed offers your four-legged comrade the luxury and comfort required for a nice and peaceful moment of complete relaxation. The cloudy design provides soft, comfy underground and easily takes the body’s form. There is no decision between style, comfort and functionality when it comes to your dearest pets.

Plush Diana

When it comes to our dog’s sleep and rest, no place is cozy enough. The Diana dog cushion has luxurious plush upholstery, which is absolutely needed considering how much time of the day our beloved loyal pets spend taking naps and dozing off. A designer dog bed gives them precisely what they need: a safe and warm haven that feels like heaven. Let your sleepy tail-wagger rest its chin on the soft velvet Diana dog bed and dream away surrounded by oriental colors. Diana guarantees beautiful dreams filled with tasty bones and yummy treats.

Diana’s convenient features

The Diana dog cushion is not only your Royal Canine well-deserved rest. As the inner fabric of the Diana dog bed is waterproof, dog-owners do not have to panic when Mister Mud comes back and happily launches himself into the cozy, pleasant Diana dog bed. So next time your fluffy partner comes back home soaking wet, do not worry. The waterproof Diana cushion will do the job. The design of the Diana pet cushion offers your Royal Petness fluffy-heaven and provides you as pet-owner with a beautiful piece of middle eastern design with a finishing touch of golden tassels and fringes. Diana is a pleasure for the body and a sight for sore eyes.

Cushion: 90 % Velvet / 10 % polyester
Filling: 100% microfiber
Colour: Royal Green Velvet

One Size. 50x50x16 (cm) 20x20x6 (inch)