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Dog Scratcher By Lord Lou - Natural

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The DOG Scratching Post

Give your domestic cat something to dominate. Something to beat, what cannot be beaten. In case of the DOG: attack is the best form of defence. For your furniture, that is. Give substance to your cat’s craving to scratch with this stylish cat scratching post. They say birds of a feather flock together, but in this matter: opposites really do attract. At Lord Lou, we have learned to love the DOG for its controversy. Dutch designer Erik Stehmann came up with the idea and developed the final product with us.

Stylish Cat Scratching Post

The DOG is nothing like a regular scratching post. A great deal of humour exists in the work of Erik Stehmann. Without joking, we know what the major clue is: no scrapes, nor marks or cuts in your couch with the DOG being part of your interior. This scratch post is a beautifully sisal-wrapped silhouette of a strong dog. It’s a scratch post, with a wink, on the more stylish side of the spectrum. Just so that your sofa stays stylish too. Claw me and the DOG claws thee.

Opposites Attract, Or Don’t They?

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. With the DOG in your home, to be specific. Cats and dogs are famous for their legendary rivalry. Now, your feline friend has a perfect outlet to scrape, mark and cut the DOG. It is the pièce de résistance to your interior. Irresistible for its opponent: your beloved cat. To scratch or be scratched, that is the question here. With the reward being even greater. Actions speak louder than words. Scratches speak louder than meows.


Frame: Poly-Resin
Material: 100% Natural Sisal
Colour: Natural

M. 88x28x71 (cm) 35x11x28 (inch)