InnoPet® Dog Car Ramp | Poly Grass

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As dogs age…

 …getting in and out of the car can become difficult, painful, and hard on your dogs' body. Keep them going and provide the help they need with InnoPet® GrassRamp for vehicles, featuring a poly-grass surface that provides much needed grip for your dog to get up and down the ramp easily.

 Designed with your pet's safety in mind, the InnoPet® GrassRamp has durable rubber grippers on both ends of the ramp that keeps it secure and in place while in use.

A convenient rubber-grip handle and the lightweight design makes it easy to store in your cargo area or under the back seat of your car.





   Poly Grass surface for easy grip when going up or down (safety)

  Extremely compact folded (useful)

  Light weight for ease of movement (functional)

  Smart folding clasp locks automatically when folded,

  Soft rubber handle (comfortable)

  Rubber pads at either end for secure placement (reliable)

  Safety Cord for full security (reliable)

  No assembly required

  Maximum carrying weight 110 kg

  Weight:  7,7 kg

  Folded Dimensions: 91,5 × 40 × 75 cm

  Dimensions unfolded: 183cm x 40cm x 3,6cm.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kathryn T. (Dronfield, GB)
Dog car ramp

Fantastic product - 12 year old Weimaraner loves this. The grass stops him slipping and it is sturdy enough not to flex when he is halfway up.

Graham H. (Wetherby, GB)
Brilliant ramp

My rescue staffy x is now 11, has started getting hesitant getting onto the backseat of my car, bought this ramp and he loves going up and down it, no training needed, good quality well built and non slip even when wet. I can rest the ramp on the backseat and it’s still very secure for him, my car is an suv and the back seat is very high so is the boot, highly recommend

Pauline (New Malden, GB)
Brilliant Dog Ramp!

Our beautiful 39kg Labrador has had arthritis for a while now and has had to suffer the indignity of being picked up to get into and out of the car boot! We did our research and landed on the InnoPet ramp and cannot express how thrilled we ALL are. Our Labrador (with the help of a few treats) walks up and down the ramp with ease, thanks to the poly grass which aids each step. Would highly recommend!

Fiona (Falkirk, GB)
Excellent dog ramp

Our 13 year old lurcher was really struggling with getting into the car. A previous ramp was not a success owing to a harder slippery surface which unnerved him. The use of astroturf is inspired as it has given our dog confidence. With a little patience he took to this ramp easily and now wants to go up it
Excellent product.

Judy A. (High Peak, GB)
A life saver

My 9 year old 26kg lurcher has spinal problems and can no longer jump into the boot of the car. I spent hours reading reviews of ramps and steps, but most had glaring flaws, often because they were too slippery or not durable. This ramp however looked as though it had a grippy surface and was sturdy, so we ordered it. We had little opportunity for Zack to practise, as he had an urgent vet’s appointment soon after it was delivered. We scattered some treats on it, extended but not tilted, inside the house. He happily walked onto it to eat the treats. We repeated this an hour or so later. Then we put it in position leaning against the rear sill of the car, and encouraged him to walk up it for treats left on its surface. There was no wobble at all, and his feet securely gripped the grass surface. He climbed up it really steadily. At the vet’s we found it easy to put in place a second time, and Zack descended the ramp. This time we held the treats in front of him and dispensed them as he walked down. We repeated the process to get him back into and then out of the car, after the vet examination. We were so elated. The ramp is a great success. We would recommend it to anyone.

TS (Brighton, GB)
1st solution we have found that works!

We have 2 labradors, 1 who will jump in and out but is getting to an age where we don't want him jumping out and putting unnecessary strain on his legs, and 1 who is a youngster that will jump out, but simply will not jump in, we have to lift him and he's a big boy! We tried a few solutions previously including ramps and steps but nothing worked, they did not want to know; until this one! Both dogs took very little encouragement and are happy to walk up and down, we think the artificial grass makes all the difference. It is very sturdy and we are hopeful it will last a long time, we highly recommend this product for the comfort of your dogs, but also to save your back!