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London Luxury Dog Cushion By Lord Lou | Stonewashed Canvas Black

London Pet Cushion

Crown your pet king or queen with the cushy London Cushion. The more observant among you may notice the extraordinary detailing. At Lord Lou, we know that absolute luxury is all in the details. Whether that is the refinement of exceptional dining or a comfortable Cushion for your beloved pet. From the quilted ornamental seams to the authentic Lord Lou buttons: London gives any interior a luxurious touch. Besides, the London pet Cushion is uniquely designed to fit the Wheely, talking about the ultimate finishing touch. Though in itself the Cushion is already admired for its detailing and comfort.


Maximum Comfort

Due to the buttons, the middle part of the Cushion is lower than the edges. This ensures maximum comfort for your four-legged royal highness. The stonewashed Cushioncase is both bold as it is humble. Bold, because we’ve made it of durable material: just as unbreakable as the bond between you and your pet. Humble, because the earth tone colours match with any kind of interior. Talking about extremes: London is on the first glance beautiful for its modesty. On the second glance fairly raw in all its honesty. Veni, Vidi, Vici. London is the perfect Cushion when your pet’s sleepy.


Rather Royal

The London fits perfectly in the Wheely. In consolidation, the London is lifted slightly off the ground to prevent your pet from sitting in a draught. An important question is: are you going for invitingly industrial with the Wheely, or rather royal without? Whatever you fancy, your pet will be grateful to gracefully lie down on a new favourite spot. Please wash gently to sustain the quality of the material.



Fabric:  100 % polyester
Cushion filling:  polyurethane
Colour: Stonewashed Black

S 70x50x16 Cm
M 90x70x18 Cm
L 110x90x18 Cm

S 27,5x20x6,5 Inches
M 35,5×27,5×7 Inches
L 43×35,5×7 Inches

By removing the buttons the cushion can be machine washed at 30 degrees Celsius.

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