No-Knuckling Training Sock

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The No-Knuckling Training Sock is a temporary training tool for short-term, multiple use to help correct gait and improve hind paw placement. Designed in the USA by Renee Mills, VT, CCRP to combat knuckling (patent pending).

No-Knuckling Training Sock Key Features

Provides training support for dogs who drag their back paws.
Stimulates a dog between its toes and causes him to pick the foot up higher.
Designed to enhance proprioception.
Perfect for rehabilitative use for pets recovering from spinal surgery.
Lightweight, comfortable, and adjustable, with convenient touch-fastener closures.
Training Sock best used on pet for two to five-minute walks and removed in between.

Please consult with your veterinarian or canine rehabilitation professional before using.

Watch pets using No-Knuckling Training Sock!


Measure from Point A to Point B on your dog while standing, to determine which size No-Knuckling Training Sock will best fit your pet.

For best results, the dog needs to be standing when taking this measurement.

Point A: is located at the center of hock joint.

Point B: is located on top of the paw.