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This fabulous Retro pet buggy is a newly designed 4 wheeled stroller with an adjustable handlebar. Adjust it to the correct height for comfortable strolling plus you have the option of opening the canopy on both sides! Ideal for 2 small dogs to both enjoy the view or a large dog.

Available in 3 funky colour combinations, Brown-Pink & Navy-Blue. It certainly will attract attention much to the surprise of passers by when they discover your cute pooches enjoying the ride from inside the carrier. 

Retro Buggy Pet Stroller Features

Adjustable handlebar
Lightweight aluminium frame
Easy (un)folding system
Incl. 2 safety leashes
Mesh windows
Lightweight EFA tires. Front wheel 6″, back wheel 7,9″
Front wheels can be locked
Large storage basket underneath the stroller
Incl removable cup holder
Fabric’s could be removed for easy cleaning (machine wash)


Gross weight : 11 KG’s
Max loading : 35 KG’s
Carrier size: L62 W32 H60 (cm)
Stroller size unfolded: L95 W59 H96-104 (cm) 

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 Please note the Retro Buggy Pet Stroller takes 3-5 working days to arrive at your door in the UK or EU. Free Shipping to the UK! 
Shipping costs to any EU destination is £9,50. 
Please CONTACT US should you have any questions. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Five Stars

    My four yorkies love it

    Puppies Love it

    Expensive but well worth money

    Great quality & well designed. Well worth the money

    Bought this for my 6yr old Staffordshire Bull Terrier (23kg) who has an aggressive type of cancer. Teddy only has a few weeks to live but is still full of life and keen to go out for walks. He can only walk a very short distance before getting extremely tired. We bought this buggy so Teddy would be able to go on holiday and explore the seaside one last time. First of all, it's a very good size. A medium sized dog (weight limit is 30kg) should be able to lie down comfortably. It is a relatively smooth ride for the dog; the buggy handles bumpy uneven pavements with ease. The large back wheels are great for going up and down curbs. For the most stable ride, get your dog to sit down nearest the handles. Standing up causes the load to be unbalanced. I think the buggy is an extremely well designed and easy to use bit of kit. It will be very useful to have and which will last me many many years. The build quality is EXCELLENT as are the materials used in construction. Easily as well made as a my sister's Silver Cross baby pram which cost in the region of 850. It is surprisingly light for such a large item. Still weighty but nowhere near as heavy as you would expect. Folded down, I can carry it up and down stairs with one hand. It is relatively easy to fold down. The wheels are fantastic and allow the buggy to spin 360 degrees on the spot so no problems moving it around, it is surprisingly nimble (just make sure you haven't accidentally turned the knot to lock the front wheels). The fabrics used look dog proof and wipe clean. They are certainly tough enough to withstand claws.