Walkin’ All-Weather Dog Wellies Boot Liners – Set

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Walkin’ All-Weather Dog Wellies Boot Liners provide that extra warmth and comfort for your fur babies paws. They are designed to easily slip into All-Weather Dog Wellie Boots. They look super stylish folded over the boot.

Boot Liners Key Features

Fleece fabric for warmth and comfort.
Liner is designed not to slip or bunch.
Touch fastener straps keep liner snug and in place.
Sold in sets of four.
Color: Black.
Sizes: XS • S • M • L • XL


The Boot Liner is designed to fit inside the All-Weather Boot of the same size.
(For example, XS Boot Liner fits inside XS All-Weather boot.)

Instructions on how to use the Walkin’ All-Weather Boot Liner


1. Insert fleece liner into boot (seam should be in back of boot)
2. Unfasten top strap of boot.
3. Fold fleece down over top of boot.
4. Weave each side of touch fastener strap through button holes in liner. (Step 4a & 4b)
5. Place boot on dog’s leg.
6. Pull touch fastener straps to tighten and fasten in back of boot.(Step 6)
7. Tighten with cord on back of All-Weather Boot.(Step 7)

Step 4a.
Boot Liner Instructions 4a
Step 4b.
Boot Liner Instructions 4b

Step 6.

Boot Liner Instructions 6
Step 7.
Boot Liner Instructions 7