Walkin’ Rear Support Leash

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The Walkin’ Rear Support Leash does exactly that, giving your dog a lift on the end that needs it most! Especially as they get older and are not as steady on their hind legs as they used to be. It is recommended for dogs weighing 20 pounds and up. The adjustable handle makes it easy to customise according to your height. It may be helpful for dogs with Degenerative Myelopathy.

Rear Support Leash Key Features

Fast way to help your dog get up from a lying down position.
Steady dogs who are unstable on their hind legs.
Easy way to assist aging, disabled, or injured dogs walk up/down stairs.
Adjustable leg pads and leash handle length.
Do NOT attempt to completely lift your dog’s legs off the ground with this leash!

How to put on the Walkin’ Rear Support Leash