Walkin’ Splints Custom-fit Foam

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Cutomise your Walkin Splint with the super convenient, comfortable foam insert. Ensure your dogs optimum comfort during the healing process. Use the included Walkin’ Splints templates, the adhesive-backed foam can be cut and trimmed to fit any size or type Walkin’ Splint (front, rear, hock, carpal, bootie). Then peel the backing and adhere to your splint for a custom fit without the cost!

Splint Custom Fit Foam Key Features

22.9cm X 30.5cm (9″ X 12″) adhesive-backed foam.
.6cm (1/4″) thick, Closed Cell Foam Sheet
Easy to cut and trim foam.
Pattern templates included to match every size and type of Walkin’ Splint.
Instructions included with templates.

Learn how to use Walkin’ Splints Custom-fit Foam!


Every dog is different, and their needs will vary. The Walkin’ Splint Custom-fit Foam template is a guideline for the most common shapes needed to customize the fit of your Walkin’ Splint. Each template can be cut, trimmed, or altered for your dog’s comfort – every pooch is different!

1. Choose a pattern template that matches the type of splint you have (front, rear, hock, carpal, bootie).
2. Cut template from pattern sheet, choosing the size that matches your splint size.
3. Trace or tape cut shape to paper-backed side of foam sheet.
4. Carefully cut shape.
5. Before removing backing, check fit, and trim if necessary.
6. Once completely satisfied with fit of splint on pet’s leg, peel backing and adhere to splint.

Please note: If additional support is needed, foam can be stacked.

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Aleta L. (Bermondsey, GB)
Walkin splnts

Amazing boots. Would definitely recommend