Walkin’ Support Dog Sling

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The ideal solution to assist your dog post surgery. The Walkin support sling saves your back from unnecessary strain. The handles are adjustable to suit your height and stride. It gives your pooch that extra support when walking or getting up from a sitting or lying down position. 

Support Dog Sling Key Features

Assist dogs who need a minimal amount of support.
Great for post-surgical rehabilitation, such as TPLO surgery.
Height adjustable handles.
Exterior made of 50/50 washable denim, interior lined with soft fleece.
Held securely in place with quick and easy touch-fastener closures.

Adjustable handle size ranges:
XSmall: 16”-33” Small: 17”-34″ Medium: 18″-34″ Medium/Large: 15″-31″ Large: 10″-19″ XLarge: 6″-15”

Never suspend a dog in the air with the Walkin’ Support Sling; it is meant for supporting, not lifting!

      How to use the Walkin’ Support Sling




      *Measure the larger of the dog’s abdomen or chest