Walkin’ Wheels Full Support/4-Wheel Quad Wheelchair SMALL

Whether your little fur baby is recovering from injury, getting on or disabled the Full Support Walkin Wheels Wheelchair will give them a new lease on life. Sturdy and robust. Freedom, comfort and safety with Walkin' Wheels.


Ideal for helping disabled pets get exercise and for rehabilitation for injured pets while they are healing.
Only two measurements required.
Fully adjustable in height, length, and width.
Fits pets weighing from 11 to 25 pounds (weight determines correct wheelchair frame size).
Wheelchair Frame made of durable, lightweight extruded aluminum.
Dense foam wheels with rubber outer layer; will not puncture, easy to clean, all-terrain.
Easy to resell because it can be adjusted and used on other dogs.
All wheelchair parts are washable.
Available in Pink or Blue or Camo
Great customer service for any follow up or questions.Contact Us


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Size Measurement

1. Measure the Rear Leg Height to the toe pad, ideally when your pet is laying down, as shown below. Do not pull the leg tight; leave some natural bend.

2. Measure your pet’s length or armpit to rump (ATR).


Corgi 20-40 lbs

Rear Leg Height Pet Length (ATR)
6-7″ 17-22″
8-11″ 17-22″

11-17 lbs

Rear Leg Height Pet Length (ATR)
3-6″ 7-9″
3-6″ 10-15″
7-8″ 7-9″
7-8″ 10-15″
9-13″ 7-9″
9-13″ 10-15″

18-25 lbs

Rear Leg Height Pet Length (ATR)
6-8″ 7-9″
6-8″ 10-15″
9-11″ 7-9″
9-11″ 10-15″
12-15″ 7-9″
12-15″ 10-15″


Watch How to Measure Your Pet’s Rear Leg Height Video!



Bailey having a wiggle in his Full Support Walkin' Wheelchair

 Mila the goat enjoying a run in her Full support Walkin' Wheelchair

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