Walkin’ Wheels LARGE Front Wheel Attachment

The Walkin’ Wheels® LARGE Front Wheel Attachment converts your LARGE Walkin’ Wheels Rear wheelchair into a Full Support/4-Wheel (Quad) wheelchair for pets with front and rear limb weakness.

 LARGE Front Wheel Attachment Key Features

Fully adjustable with simple push buttons; fits pets weighing 70-180 pounds.
Dogs can still “do their business” in the wheelchair.
Comfortable front support leg rings included.
Available in Pink or Blue or Camo
Great customer service for any follow up or questions. Contact Us


See pets using the Walkin’ Wheels Full Support/4-Wheel wheelchair!



First, measure the struts on your Walkin’ Wheels Rear wheelchair. Second, measure the wheel size. These measurements will determine what size Front Wheel Attachment you need.


How to Measure Struts

The strut of the Walkin’ Wheels Rear wheelchair is attached to the wheel. Take a tape measure and measure the Walkin’ Wheels strut from end to end.
How to Measure Wheels
Measure the diameter of the Walkin’ Wheels rear wheel.
What Wheel will I Receive?
If your pet’s Fold of Flank measurement is between 7 and 11.9 inches you will receive a 4″ wheel.
If your pet’s Fold of Flank measurement is between 12 and 28 inches you will receive a 6″ wheel.
Strut Wheel
9″ 12″
12″ 12″
12″ 16″
15″ 16″
18″ 16″


Watch How to Measure Your Pet’s Rear Leg Height Video!



 Getting some exercise with the Quad Wheel Chair

Customer Reviews

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Getting an Upgrade

Jules got a wheelchair upgrade this weekend. His front end is getting weaker, but luckily Walkin’ Pets makes a front attachment that connects to his rear wheelchair!

Happy you liked it!

“2 fast 4U”

Jake suffered an injury to his left hind-leg and pelvis when he was less than 8 weeks old (both were fractured). He was surrendered to Mac’s Mission in Missouri. Another injury to that same leg occurred, and the search was on for someone able to surgically take his case. He was near being euthanized, when at the last minute, he found himself being driven to Woodhaven Michigan Animal Hospital. His left hind-leg and tail had to be amputated, due to traumatic injury and infection. He spent three months at the hospital, healing and making friends. On September 9, 2018, I made the drive from outside of Chicago to pick him up and bring him back to his forever home, which was with me. Jake has an older fur-brother and fur-sister. Of course he gets around amazingly well in his Walkin’ Wheels! One of his going away presents from a Woodhaven staff member was a license plate for the back of his chair that reads “2 fast 4U,” and has his name on it. He has an amazingly happy spirit and a lot of energy. Because he has so many fans from his days at both Mac’s Mission and Woodhaven Animal Hospital, he has his own Facebook page: Jake K9 MacHaven.