Walkin’ Wheels MEDIUM Dog Wheelchair, Rear

 The Walkin Wheels Wheelchair is fully adjustable, durable and lightweight. Give your pooch or pet a new beginning. A perfectly fitted body extension to explore, get some exercise and be a part of all the action. Freedom, comfort and safety with Walkin' Wheels.



Only one measurement required.
Fully adjustable in height, length, and width.
Fits dogs weighing from 26 to 69 pounds (weight determines correct wheelchair frame size).
Wheelchair Frame made of durable, lightweight extruded aluminum.
Dense foam wheels with rubber outer layer; will not puncture, easy to clean, all-terrain.
For very active dogs, optional air tyres (like mountain bike tyres) may be purchased, featuring a deeper tread and replaceable inner tube.
Easy to resell because it can be adjusted and used on other dogs.
All wheelchair parts are washable; folds flat for easy transport and storage.
Available in Pink or Blue or Camo

Fits medium breeds: Corgi, Bichon Frise, Basset Hound, Beagle, Bulldog, Border Collie, Cocker Spaniel, American Eskimo Dog, Sheepdog, Rottweiler, Cattle Dog, Chow Chow, Collie, Husky, Pitbull, German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Boxer, Dalmatian, Doberman, Weimaraner, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, and more.
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Watch dogs using MEDIUM Walkin’ Wheels!

Size Measurement

1. Measure the Rear Leg Height to the toe pad, ideally when your pet is laying down, as shown below. Do not pull the leg tight; leave some natural bend.


Watch How to Measure Your Pet’s Rear Leg Height Video!



Duke on the Beach


Medium Wheelchair in action

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Mitchell E. (Liverpool, GB)
Excellent wheelchair

Excellent wheelchair bought for my 13yr old pittbull. Very robust east to use would recommend.

Loves Hiking and Finding Trails

This sweet girl was wandering the neighborhood with her son, Buddy, 12 years ago.  She literally left him on our doorstep, while she continued to wander.  She would come every 2 weeks to check in on him.  After several months, she finally decided to stay herself, and we are so glad she did.  She loves to hike and can always find the trail when we go astray.  As her back legs began to fail, she took to her “go-cart” quickly and even though she is slowing down these days, she still INSISTS on two walks a day.  My husband became ill and passed away.  Missy and her son, Buddy, were my support system day in and out.   I have many people stop and ask about her and her wheels and I am told what a terrific person I am caring for her.  My response is always, she’s done far more for me.  Her son, Buddy, passed away in April after an unexpected illness and she has had to power through the loss of her companion. Thank you.

Emma G.
This Spoiled Dog is Full of Life and Love

At 4 weeks old, Boby was attacked by a group of feral dogs in Puerto Rico. He was left with a broken back and was completely paralyzed. Someone found him and took him to a vet to be helped. Unfortunately, the vet wanted to euthanize him. But thanks to a tech working at the vet clinic, she contacted Paws of Hope Puerto Rico (an amazing rescue) to see if they would take them. She told them she could see in his eyes that he was a fighter and wanted to live. Right before he was put down, Paws of Hope came to his rescue and immediately started assessing his injuries and making a game plan to rehabilitate him. After several months of hard work, Boby was able to walk again (not great though). When he was posted for adoption, the rescue reached out to me to see if I would foster him in Michigan or adopt him, having taken a previous difficult rescue before for them. I told them to call me in a few weeks if no one contacts them about adopting him. 4 weeks went by, and anyone who had inquired about him, didn’t want him as soon as they heard he was special needs. So after a long time of thinking it over, I decided to adopt him. But before he could come, the vet wouldn’t approve his papers until Boby got a surgery to remove the head of his right femur. After recovering from that, he was able to fly to Michigan to be with his new family and start physical therapy at Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation! Boby has made huge strides since his arrival, and he is a happy, spoiled dog who’s full of life and love!

Tasha R.
Flash Enjoys New Quality of Life

Flash has a history of back problems, and last year his hind legs gave out.  He has feeling in his legs, but can’t walk on them. One of my Rover dog clients told me about a wonderful non-profit called Gunnar’s Wheels (who donates wheelchairs to animals in need). I contacted them, and we received the wheelchair this week! He is so happy to be able to run again with his new wheels, and that he can enjoy a quality life.

Meet Kali, our Featured Pet of the Week!

This was my baby Kali. She was diagnosed with bone cancer and lost one of her rear legs, but that didn’t slow her down. She was the happiest dog and taught me so much about herbeach breed and what loving and amazing dogs they are. She fought hard and eventually lost her battle with cancer. Every day I miss her desperately, and I am thankful for the time she was in our lives. Specially-abled pets are amazing and resilient, and if you have the opportunity to share your life with one, your life will be changed forever. I love you Kali Monkey.

I can’t help but smile!

When the human brings out the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, I can’t help but smile… Because with the wheelchair, I am invincible. Nothing can stop me… Not even my hips.