Walkin’ Wheels SMALL Dog Wheelchair, Rear

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 The Walkin Wheels Wheelchair is fully adjustable, durable and lightweight. Give your pooch or pet a new beginning. A perfectly fitted body extension to explore, get some exercise and be a part of all the action. Freedom, comfort and safety with Walkin' Wheels.


Only two measurements required
Fully adjustable in height, length, and width.
Fits pets weighing from 11 to 25 pounds (weight determines correct wheelchair frame size).
Wheelchair Frame made of durable, lightweight extruded aluminum.
Easy to resell because it can be adjusted and used on other dogs.
All wheelchair parts are washable.
Available in Pink or Blue or Camo
Fits small breeds: Miniature Poodle, Dachshund, Pekingese, Maltese, Bichon Frise, Jack Russell Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Pug, French Bulldog, Shih Tzu, Boston Terrier, Wire Fox Terrier, Miniature Pinscher, Chihuahua, and more.
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Watch pets using SMALL Walkin’ Wheels!


Size Measurement

Measure the Rear Leg Height to the toe pad, ideally when your pet is lying down. Do not pull the leg straight; leave some natural bend.
2. Measure your pet’s length or armpit to rump (ATR).

Rear leg Height Weight Pet Length (ATR)
3-6″ 11-17 lbs 7-15″
7-8″ 11-17 lbs 7-15″
9-13″ 11-17 lbs 7-15″
6-8″ 18-25 lbs 7-15″
9-11″ 18-25 lbs 7-15″
12-15″ 18-25 lbs 7-15″



Watch How to Measure Your Pet’s Rear Leg Height Video!





Happy Goose in his Walkin Wheels

Louis Cooling Off 


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Claire (Doncaster, GB)
Absolutely fantastic!

My Little Shih Tzu Lacey has spinal problems which resulted in surgery a few years ago as she lost the use of her back legs. The surgery helped her walk again but she has been left with some weakness which is now getting worse with age. She has not been able to go for walks anymore so i bought these wheels to hopefully give her some freedom back. She is a very timid little girl but she took to these wheels straight away, it was amazing She now really enjoys her walks and is so fast on the wheels it makes us all laugh, its lovely to see her enjoying life again.

ashley and ozzy GB (Bournemouth, GB)
New chapter!

Honestly couldn’t recommend enough! Even though it’s an investment it’s honestly the best decision I’ve made in a long time!
My best friend is very unstable on his legs and has lost a lot of muscle on his back legs. He wasn’t enjoying his walks lately as he kept falling and was scared. And the vets said unfortunately it will get worse so I decided to take the plunge after following many happy wheeling pugs on Instagram. It’s only the second outing with him in it and let me tell you his tail was
Wagging the whole time and had so much more confidence when he got the hang of it! I’m so proud of him and I hope this enables us to enjoy many more years and happy adventures together! Honestly do it you won’t regret it. So easy to use and super light . Perfect !

Francesca Maher (Welling, GB)
Amazing product

My Boston Terrier has got nerve issues in his back and is struggling with long walks.
He is taking a bit to adjust to his new ways of walking but I'm excited to see his fitness getting back up and taking him for longer walks as he loves going for a walk! Thank you

Wanda S.
Always Happy and On the Go!

When I got Porschia, she was so withdrawn, no happy face and always sad. After two months, she was totally unable to use her back legs. After getting her Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair and working with her, she is just an amazing little dog, always happy and on the go! She is a star in my eyes. She is also a poster child for a Volunteer Agency in our county. Snippet Citrus is all about spay and neuter. Her picture is posted for fundraising for the nonprofit we volunteer for!

Vera’s Freedom with Wheelchair!

This is Vera’s first attempt in her Walkin’ Wheels… Vera was abused by her owners in April which caused hemorrhaging in her spine, and made her paralyzed. All operations she underwent and therapy were not helping. Now she finally has new freedom thanks to her wheelchair!

Running so Fast in New Wheels

Got my little man a set of wheels today!!! Will was diagnosed with subarachnoid diverticulum about a year ago. This means his hind legs just don’t function like they used to. There are days when he gets around okay, and others when he just can’t walk well at all. I finally decided to order him a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair to help him get around again, and I haven’t seen him run so fast in over a year!!! Thank you God for these new wheels! Love this little man so much!