All Terrain Dog Buggy Comparison- Best Dog Pram 2021 in the UK

All Terrain Dog Buggy Comparison- Best Dog Pram 2021 in the UK
All Terrain Dog Strollers & Buggies have one key feature in common. They all have a 3 wheel system design and most have wheel suspension. Most have a light weight aluminium frame making them easy to steer and sturdy enough for a smooth & comfortable ride for your fur baby. However that does not necessarily mean it is an off road dog buggy. There are so many models and makes to choose from. Really depending on what is important to you as well as what terrain you and your pooch will be exploring the comparison below may assist in making the practical choice.

Why Innopet?

Innopet celebrated 20 years as leading pet travel experts in 2016. Their range of dog pram comfort strollers are designed for pet parents convenience and your pooches ultimate comfort. They have nailed down the fine balance of buggy weight vs dog size and terrain capabilities without compromising quality. They are exceptionally easy to assemble, store and handle with their one handed folding system.

The Urban Dog Stroller Range

The Urban range is a series of 3 models. The original is a popular and affordable choice, following it's great success Innopet added 2 variations called The First Class and The Allure. All 3 are suited to urban strolling, managing curbs with ease or to be used while jogging with your pooch. They are ideal for negotiating grass, gravel or dirt paths while walking your dogs or at a dog show. If you have a small breed but want to explore off road, we recommend considering the off road range below. Even if the models seems to big, you can always add your dogs favourite blanket or toy inside the cabin to make it feel cosy and have the peace of mind that you can go where you please.   The price jump between the Original and the other two is due to the aluminium wheels and a strong frame that remains rust free (great if you live or adventure with your stroller along the coast). They are light and compact, ideal for pet parents who are looking for convenience. Easy to manoeuvre, folds flat, simply pop it in your boot or store it away in the cupboard. The latest model the Allure dog stroller weighs a mere 7.1kg, making it ideal for easy transportation and handling. The Allure will comfortably accommodate dogs of up to 20Kg with front wheel shock absorption.
All 3 are suitable for small to medium dog breeds. They all feature a storage basket below the main cabin & cup holders. Unfortunately none of the below models have adjustable handles, they are fixed.

Let's compare them

All Terrain Dog Stroller Features


Allure Dog Stroller Features

First Class Dog Stroller Features

The OFF Road Dog Stroller Range

These toughies are an ideal choice if you need a luxury robust dog stroller. They feature spacious cabins with roomy interiors, ample storage space and large wheels to negotiate trails. These are the dog strollers you can push on the beach, hiking trails or rough uneven terrain. They would be suitable for large dogs or 2 small dogs. What makes an all terrain an off road stroller is mainly the wheels. They need to be 12" or larger and have wheel suspension. The size of the wheels, frame and design are compatible with the dog weight capacity, built to be robust and a comfortable ride for your pooch. 

The EFA and AIR buggy comfort are very similar, the main difference being the tyres. The Sporty Dog Stroller doubles up as a dog bike trailer for cyclists with a dog weight capacity of 30kg. The Adventure dog stroller is one of Innopet's new models, designed for the outdoors with all the bells and whistles. The Hercules Heavy Duty is brand new on the market. It is an X-Large dog stroller with all the luxury features. If you are not sure that your dog will fit comfortably inside the cabin, measure their spine from the base of the neck to the base of the tail and compare that to the length of the cabin (dimensions below). If they are well within the limits or at least 3 cm less, they should be perfectly happy.

Hercules Heavy Duty Dog Stroller

Sporty Dog Stroller

Adventure Dog Stroller

EFA Comfort Dog Buggy

Air Comfort Dog Buggy

View an editors choice comparison of the best dog strollers based on your breed and the carriage size.
We know it can be difficult to make choice without actually physically seeing the buggy so here are some video clips of the All Terrain dog strollers in action.

Hercules Heavy Duty


The Sporty Dog Stroller

The EFA Dog Buggy Comfort

The Air Dog Buggy Comfort

We hope this was helpful, any questions just leave a comment below. In some situations it is can be painful acknowledging a dog stroller is necessary when your dog falls ill or can no longer keep up. Dog strollers are guilt free fabulous tools for pet parents and happy dogs.

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  • Pets Own Us
Comments 38
  • Andrea

    Hi Denise,

    Thank you for your comment. It is unfortunate that the AIR tyres can get punctures although 2 in 5 outings seems extreme. Is it the same tyre? Sometimes you need to adjust the rim as it may be piercing the tube. I would recommend taking it to a bicycle shop to check if there is a reason the punctures occurred in a short space of time. All the off road stroller for large dogs that we stock feature the AIR tyres. We have had customers use a slim in the tyres to fill them and thus avoid punctures.

    I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

  • Andrea

    Hi Jane,

    Thank you for your message. The EFA are solid rubber tyres whereas the AIR tyres have inner tubes. The AIR tyres can puncture or loss air from time to time. We do recommend carrying a small bike pump on the stroller and inner tubes should you have a puncture. The inner tubes are standard and can be found at most local bicycle shops. Air tyres are ideal for beach and soft sand whereas the EFA tyres would be better suited to woodlands and forest. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

  • Andrea
    Hi Myriam,

    Thank you for your message. All the Off road dog strollers have 12" tyres or larger with wheel suspension ensuring a smooth ride. These models are larger than the urban strollers. However they all fold up easily and quite compact. You can always add your dogs favorite blanket or toys in the cabin to make it cosy. I would recommend you have a look at either the EFA Buggy comfort or Adventure Buggy for your Cairn Terrier. Please let us know if we can assist you further.

  • Cocopoos

    What is the highest handle height available please. In 6.2" I found 104 cms is this the highest?

  • Andrea

    Hi Nina,

    Thank you for your comment. The Sporty trailer/tow bar is fixed. If you fall of your bike the Sporty should remain upright as is the design. The Hercules is an excellent off road option. The all terrain off road criteria include 12" wheels are larger and wheel suspension. The larger wheels of the Sporty & Hercules are designed for large breeds and off road. I hope this answers your question.

  • Nancy Lewis
    Nancy Lewis

    I have a 10 year old Shih Tzu who gets easily puffed and needs help. When we go to Devon we like to walk along coastal path which buggy offers the smoothest ride? Are the air tyres better for comfort. We don’t go that far at the end of the day but want the best ride for her. Do any have suspension at all please too?


    Hi I have a king charles she is chunky and weighs20kg she is long in the back about 70 cm would the comfort buggie delux be the rights

  • Denise

    I have the Hercules Innopet stroller. It’s great for my 40kg dog, but I’ve had 2 punctures in a back tyre over the last week (5 outings in the stroller). Can you recommend any off road tyres that are less prone to puncture?

  • Jane

    Could you tell me the difference between EFA and air tyres please? Are the air tyres liable to puncture and which type would be better for off road? Thank you.

  • Klein Myriam
    Klein Myriam

    Hi, I‘m looking for a buggy for my Cairn Terrier (10,5kg). I want to use it on all terrain and I need a biggy which can be folded small.
    Which one can you recommend?

  • Nina

    Hi, the Innopet Sporty Dog Stroller and Bike Trailer, is the trailer bar fixed or does it swivel, so if you fall off you bike the trailer will still be standing?

    Also, aside from the Hercules, which one offers the most comfortable ride off road? They all say suitable for off trail but it would be good to know which is best out of the 4.

    Many thanks

  • Andrea

    Hi Susan,

    Thank you for your comment. Yes, exactly the front bar of the Air Buggy Comfort folds down. This allows your pooch to lie down, perhaps resting on their front paws to enjoy the view.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  • Susan Butcher
    Susan Butcher

    Hi Andrea,we have had the Hercules buggy for a year now and it has been fantastic.we now need a smaller one just for the Jack Russell.she weighs 10 kgs.she likes to lay down in the state that the front bar drops down on the air buggy comfort.would this allow her to lie down in the buggy whilst still being able to see out of it.thank you

  • Andrea

    H Kerry,

    Thank you for your inquiry. Estimated delivery to Ireland is between 3-5 working days.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  • Andrea

    Hi Barbara & Chris,

    Thank you for your comment. Your Pekingese and Sheltie sound adorable! We do have a few 2 dog stroller models. A fantastic option as you can all continue to enjoy your country nature and beach walks without being concerned for your dogs discomfort. Considering their size, I would recommend the Sporty Dog Stroller which is compact and extremely robust, The Hercules Heavy Duty which might be a little too large but does have the potential for all three in the future, alternatively the Adventure which would comfortably accommodate 2 dogs of their size and has some lovely luxury features as well as being robust and an all terrain dog stroller.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  • Kerry

    Hi I’m looking to order a new buggy for my almost 15year old corgi cross.
    The estimated delivery time is only for England . If I was to order it to Ireland what would the timing for delivery be?

  • Barbara & Chris Statham
    Barbara & Chris Statham

    We love your product, but we would appreciate your advice / recommendation. We have three rescue dogs from Romania. Two are Pekingese (mother and daughter aged 8yrs and 5yrs….weights ……7.6 kg and 6.7 kg) and one is a little mix (age 8 yrs probably the size of a small Shellie…Wt. 10.4 kg). We live by the beach and in the country, so terrain would be varied. You name it we walk it. However one of the Pekingese has difficulty walking any distance…..but we are aware that the Sheltie may also need transportation at some point. Two in one “buggy”? What would you suggest?

  • Andrea

    Hi Mrs White,

    Thank you for your comment. The Adventure or the Sporty dog strollers would be ideal for your English bull terrier. They both have a maximum loading weight of 30kg, so your pooch will be comfortable. The Sporty has a low to the ground back entrance. If your dog is struggling with jumping then certainly the Sporty would suit. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  • Mrs white
    Mrs white

    Please can you suggest which one of your strollers would be idea for a English bull terrier weighing about 25-26 kg. For bumpy wooded area terrian

  • Andrea

    Hi Susie,

    Thank you for your comment. Considering the terrain – beach, muddy fields and gravel tracks, I would suggest either The Adventure, EFA Buggy Comfort or AIR Buggy Comfort for your Cockapoo. Although all 3 models are designed for dogs up to 25KG. They are robust, sturdy & easy to maneuver on off road terrain. You can always add a blankie or pillow in the cabin to make it cosy. There is also ample storage for your pooch and your goodies.

  • Susie

    I have a cockapoo weighing about 12.5kg. I’m thinking about buying a stroller for when he is tired on holidays or when on longer walks. Terrain would most likely be gravel tracks, beach and countryside walks to include grass and muddy fields. Your suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

  • Andrea

    Hi Judith,

    Thank you for your message. From the terrain you have described – parks, reservoir and river banks I would suggest either the EFA Buggy Comfort or the new Adventure Dog Buggy for Annie. They are both All terrain robust options with great features. Please let us know if we can assist further.

  • Andrea

    Hi Mr Bailey,

    Thank you for your comment, great to hear your Rottie is enjoying his Hercules dog stroller. Love the idea of battery powered wheels! We will pass it on to the manufacturer.

  • P bailey
    P bailey

    Purchased Hercules heavy duty dog buggie just over a week or so ago pricey but a great bit of kit doing excactly what is expected . My rottie is delighted when riding along in it .perfect over rough terrain or smooth surfaces .only very slight quibble , pity not available with battery powered drive to wheels for inclines , petsownus excellent to deal with helpfull along with perfect delivery times thanks to all

  • Judith

    Hi, apologies I am dithering between which buggy to choose, my little dog Annie can not do distance and recently retired I go out walking around parks, reservoir, pathed (not just grassy) river banks etc and like to take her with me. She is about 11kg in weight – which of your buggies would you recommend for me please
    Many thanks

  • miranda

    Hi, what are the advantages of the fold down front bar on the comfort buggy with air tyres. Are there any disadvantages to not being able to fold it down? The video doesn’t make it clear what the differences between the two comfort buggies are.

  • Andrea

    Hi Brenda,

    Thank you for your message. Yes, we do have accessories for the Innopet Sporty. You can purchase a set of 16" wheels. Please email us at for further details.

  • Brenda Leavey
    Brenda Leavey

    I have an Innopet Sporty with 16" wheels can I purchase a et of solid wheels for this please?

  • Andrea

    Hi Sue,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    The Sporty does include a rain cover, for the Buggy Comfort you would need to buy the rain cover for an additional £15. The Sporty supports a combined dog weight of 30kg. If your Basset Hound is 26kg, I don’t think either the Sporty or the Buggy Comfort would be suitable as they are both too small for both of your dogs. However I would recommend looking at the Hercules which is larger in carriage dimensions and supports up to 50kg. The other brand I am aware of that has dog strollers for 30 + KG dogs or 2 dogs is Doggy Ride. Unfortunately we do not offer payment plans on our dog strollers. Please feel free to get in touch on email if we can assist further –

  • Sue Butcher
    Sue Butcher

    Hi,at the moment I used a pet gear dog buggy,but it is getting old and I need to replace it.Usually it’s just the jack russell but now the Basset hound,weight 26 it needs to use it.I was wondering about the sporty stroller as it looks larger than the other 2 but does it come with or can I get a rain cover for it?Also does the cover zip down for the dog to sit or lie and be able to see out?Are the tyres solid as the one we have now are.I don’t want inflatable tyres as I go over a lot of rough ground.Can you tell me which would suit my needs best.The comfort buggy is similar to the one I use now but yours has the bar in front.Does the front of the cover roll down or is it the square piece in front that opens up.Again can I purchase a rain cover for it.Lastly do you do a payment plan as the sporty one is a little expensive to pay in one go.Thank you for your help.Regards Sue Butcher

  • Andrea

    Hi Lynda,

    Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately the handle of the All Terrain is not adjustable. She could potentially unscrew and reset it to give her more range but that would not help if she is short. 97cm is the fixed and lowest height for the handle. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance. Email us directly

  • Lynda Christiensen
    Lynda Christiensen

    Hi, just bought the all terrain buggy for a friend, but she is leaning over to push it and we think the handle needs adjusting but she is not sure how to do it – she lives a long way away, can you please tell me how to do this? Thanks – she is quite short.

  • Andrea

    Hi Mrs Roberts,

    Thank you for reaching out. In fact the Buggy Comfort Air and Buggy Comfort EFA are very similar in terms of comfort and features. The main difference being the tyres 12"Air vs 12" EFA.

  • Mrs C Roberts
    Mrs C Roberts

    Can you tell me if the Air buggy is significantly more comfortable to ride in than the EFA?

  • Andrea

    Hi Alexandra,

    Thank you for your comment. Please email us at We can then send you payment plan options.

  • Alexandra Good
    Alexandra Good

    Hi I was wondering whether it is possible to pay in instalments
    Thanks as it is to expensive for me to buy at once

  • Andrea

    Hi Dawn,

    Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately we do not have a stand at Crufts. Please let us know if there are any specific questions we can assist you with.

  • Dawn

    Do you have a stand at Crufts? I love the look of your strollers but would like to see them before buying one. Thanks

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Amazing product and service

My beagle has had a tough 2020. 3 cruciate ligament surgeries. A failed graft after another. We felt terrible leaving her incthe house to go on walks that she'd usually love, but now can't do. We bought the air comfort buggie and what a difference it has made in just a week. The delivery was exceptionally quick and instalation really easy. The product is comfy and easy to push and she is secure and able to join us on different terains. She now gets to join us on long walks and doesn't have to be left home alone. My only regret is not buying sooner. Can't recommend more.


I recently purchased a pet stroller, it came almost ready assembled and superb quality ! The company ( pets own us) was very professional and emailed me with updates until my stroller arrived. I cannot praise them enough, I am a very happy customer and I will definitely be buying more from them again. Thanks

Innopet Sporty dod stroller

After struggling with my rescue tripod Bull Terrier having to drive most places to do short walks the stroller has been a god send. Im now able to leave the car at home and get into the wonderful countryside for her walks. I let her have short walks then a rest in the stroller. Bella has taken really well to the stroller and acutely lets me no when she wants to be pushed. It so easy to push on all terrains and very easy up and down kerbs. Taking it down to put in the car is so easy the wheels click of and the stroller then folds down with ease. Best thing I have ever bought. Thank you to who ever designed the stroller they certainly had Bella's needs in mind. Great design highly recommend to my doggie friends.

Good buggy BUT.....

I ordered the Inopet sporty dog buggy as we are keen walkers and have a very lazy bulldog who we wanted to join us on our family walks. Overall I love the buggy and it’s very comfy for our 25kg bulldog who absolutely loves it too! The only criticism I have are the air filled tyres. I’ve only had the buggy a couple of weeks and we have had 2 punctures. Luckily we were near home when this happened so she managed to walk back so we could sort it out. Would of probably been better with the hard style tyres as I am worried if this happens when we’re on a long journey, my bulldog would struggle with getting home.

Max’s new wheels

Fabulous service. Easy, friendly and fast delivery! The website made choosing online so easy. The stroller is fantastic. Just the right size with plenty of room and very comfy. Thank you!