All Terrain Dog Buggy Comfort Stroller Comparison

All Terrain Dog Strollers & Buggies have one key feature in common. They all have a 3 wheel system design with shock absorption. Most have a light weight aluminum frame making them easy to steer and sturdy enough for a smooth & comfortable ride for your fur baby. However that does not necessarily mean it is an off road dog buggy. There are so many models and makes to choose from. Here are some tips to consider before buying a dog stroller. Really depending on what is important to you as well as what terrain you and your pooch will be exploring the comparison below may assist in making the practical choice.

Why Innopet?

Innopet celebrated 20 years as leading pet travel experts in 2016. Their range of dog buggy comfort strollers are designed for pet parents convenience and your pooches ultimate comfort. They have nailed down the fine balance of buggy weight vs dog size and terrain capabilities without compromising quality. They are exceptionally easy to assemble, store and handle with their one handed folding system.

 The All Terrain Dog Stroller Range

The All Terrain range is a series of 3 models. The original is a popular and affordable choice, following it's great success Innopet added 2 variations called The Camaflouge and The Precious. The 2 latter are exactly identical with different patterned fabric. All 3 are suited to urban strolling, managing curbs with ease or to be used while jogging with your pooch. They are ideal for negotiating grass, gravel or dirt paths while walking your dogs or at a dog show. The price jump between the Original and the other 2 All Terrains is due to the aluminum wheels and a strong frame that remains rust free (great if you live or adventure with your stroller along the coast) but you simply cannot get lighter than the original.

Let's compare them

All Terrain Dog Buggy Stroller Compare





Dog Weight

Up to 12.5 Kg

Up to 20Kg

Up to 20Kg

Gross Stroller Weight




Handle Height


100 cm

100 cm


8” EFA - Steel

9” EFA - Aluminum

9” EFA - Aluminum






The OFF Road Dog Stroller Range

These toughies are an ideal choice if you need a luxury robust stroller. They are bigger than the All terrain with roomier interiors, ample storage space and larger wheels to negotiate trails. These 4 are a perfect choice for large dogs or 2 small dogs. The EFA and Air buggy comfort are very similar, the main difference being the tyres.  The Sporty Dog Stroller doubles up as a dog bike trailer for cyclists with a dog weight capacity of 30kg. The Hercules Heavy Duty is the X-Large of dog strollers with all the luxury features. Still contemplating if you should get a dog buggy for your big fur baby? 

Let's compare them

Dog Stroller Model

Dog  | Stroller Weight

Carriage Size (cm)


Terrain | Use

Hercules Heavy Duty 


50KG | 15KG

L78 W60 H68 cm  

3 Wheels

Front 8.5”

Back 20” AIR Tyres


Terrain: Urban | Gravel | Dirt Tracks | Off Road

 Use: Stroller | Jogger

 Includes Rain Cover

Sporty Dog Buggy


30KG | 11KG

 L71 W44 H63cm 


3 Wheels

Front 8”

Back 16” EFA Tyres

Terrain: Urban/ Gravel | Dirt Tracks | Off Road

 Use: Stroller | Jogger | Bike Trailer

Includes Rain Cover


EFA Dog Buggy


 25KG | 11KG

L66 x W36 x H50cm 

3 Wheels

12" EFA Tyres 

Terrain: Urban/ Gravel | Dirt Tracks | Off Road

 Use: Stroller | Jogger

Rain Cover + £15 

Air Dog Buggy


25KG | 12.5KG

 L66 x W33 x H50cm


3 Wheels

12” AIR Tyres

Terrain: Urban/ Gravel | Dirt Tracks | Off Road

 Use: Stroller | Jogger 

Rain Cover + £15

Special Feature
- the front bar folds down 

View an editors choice comparison of the best dog strollers based on your breed and the carriage size. We know it can be difficult to make choice without actually physically seeing the buggy so here are some video clips of the All Terrain dog strollers in action.

Hercules Heavy Duty 


The Sporty Dog Stroller

The EFA Dog Buggy Comfort

The Air Dog Buggy Comfort

We hope this was helpful, any questions just leave a comment below. In some situations it is can be painful acknowledging a dog stroller is necessary when your dog falls ill or can no longer keep up. Dog strollers are guilt free fabulous tools for pet parents and happy dogs.


  • Hi Brenda,

    Thank you for your message. Yes, we do have accessories for the Innopet Sporty. You can purchase a set of 16" wheels. Please email us at for further details.

  • I have an Innopet Sporty with 16" wheels can I purchase a et of solid wheels for this please?

    Brenda Leavey
  • Hi Sue,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    The Sporty does include a rain cover, for the Buggy Comfort you would need to buy the rain cover for an additional £15. The Sporty supports a combined dog weight of 30kg. If your Basset Hound is 26kg, I don’t think either the Sporty or the Buggy Comfort would be suitable as they are both too small for both of your dogs. However I would recommend looking at the Hercules which is larger in carriage dimensions and supports up to 50kg. The other brand I am aware of that has dog strollers for 30 + KG dogs or 2 dogs is Doggy Ride. Unfortunately we do not offer payment plans on our dog strollers. Please feel free to get in touch on email if we can assist further –

  • Hi,at the moment I used a pet gear dog buggy,but it is getting old and I need to replace it.Usually it’s just the jack russell but now the Basset hound,weight 26 it needs to use it.I was wondering about the sporty stroller as it looks larger than the other 2 but does it come with or can I get a rain cover for it?Also does the cover zip down for the dog to sit or lie and be able to see out?Are the tyres solid as the one we have now are.I don’t want inflatable tyres as I go over a lot of rough ground.Can you tell me which would suit my needs best.The comfort buggy is similar to the one I use now but yours has the bar in front.Does the front of the cover roll down or is it the square piece in front that opens up.Again can I purchase a rain cover for it.Lastly do you do a payment plan as the sporty one is a little expensive to pay in one go.Thank you for your help.Regards Sue Butcher

    Sue Butcher
  • Hi Lynda,

    Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately the handle of the All Terrain is not adjustable. She could potentially unscrew and reset it to give her more range but that would not help if she is short. 97cm is the fixed and lowest height for the handle. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance. Email us directly


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